Rough days.

9. november 2016 at 21:23 | Shio |  Diary.
So eh. I'm sorry for not adding anything for a long time even though i promised.
Im really so sorry.
But again responsibilities hit me so hard. Like school and ..okay pretty much just school sadly.
I was even trying to write something on Halloween but didnt add it there because i didnt even had time for finishing article. Was kinda sad about it because had a lot to say about that day.
Ah well whatever. Maybe next year i hope that I will have more time for writing there about that day c:
Well sheep if i should be honest i should be actually stuying because tomorrow i have test from literature but im already tired of that school that i just gave up and finally decided to write there something because i needed and i also wanted because i really do like you all sheep who are activly still going there even though i have just little time for adding stuff ♥ i really do appreciate that.

Soo what i was doing in those days
Pretty much just drawing works to school and studying. Those days were really rough to me since i lost my two precious babies (cats). I really do fucking miss them you cant even imagine how much.
I dont even know what happened to them but im pretty much sure that they died since my cat was already so old and even sick. And kitties? they just ran away and didnt come back.
But well, im still waiting on that, that one of them will come back. I really do believe even though so many days passed.
Well and in school its not even better. All my friends whose are going there told me that when i will be in higher grade i will realize that this school is shit. And well look at me. Im just in the first grade on this school and i already realized that. I think that im starting to hate this school. Why? Because all there just sucks. Mainly teachers. For example one teacher was missing one month right she is teaching me ehhh figural drawing. And now she finally came back and she is just giving us 4242131 works to do and when you give her finished work she is always like "it looks bad, im not even going to give you mark for this because it really is bad". And now just imagine how much it can piss you off when you were working on it whole vacation .
Ah well i really shouldnt write more about teachers because it really is cancer and it would be really long article if i would be still complaining about them.

But at least i need to say one more thing. You know that i love english right ? (if i didnt i wouldnt even probably write on this blog in english right) and well english on this school is really so bad. Im the only one who is getting good marks from this subject. Because do you know what we are learning ? Stuff like " time, filling with there is/are" ....
Like school ? please ? really?
Well what can i say #ArtSchool

Well my days are just basically about drawing, studying and spending time with Seb while im doing that.
So again im really so sorry that i wasnt adding anything but you know im trying as much as possible to be active there.
Also I really do hope that you enjoyed Halloween
Ahh i really do wish to have there that tradition like in America go trick and treat and get candies hehehehhehe.
Well I wasnt really doing anything at this day but at least i put some halloween decoration around my bed so there could be a little bit of halloween atmosphere xD (im still having it around bed though because why not)
But! in December i will probably buy those lights and put them around bed instead of that decoration because i always wanted have it there so i hope this year i will buy it.

Okay sheep i think i wrote a lot already. Also you might notice i was changing background a lot lately and weeell im still not satisfied with this one which is there right now. So i might change it soon again. Im just trying to findnthe right one which would fit this blog you know cx So dont be scared when my blog will look diferently someday again xD
Well i would love to just change it all but im just scared that i will ruin it so im not rather gonna try it.
Also decided to add new rubric called "Diary" where i will write stuff about days so it can look kinda clearer than before i guess c:

Soooo i hope you had a great day loves, have a nice evening and



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