Day no. 1 (starting of public diary)

16. november 2016 at 23:25 | Shio |  Diary.
After a long time I am here again.
Hope you did well since the day i wrote there something!
So well, nothing much changed since last time. Everything is just same and I'm getting tired of it. The amount of homeworks is just increasing and I am giving up on it already.
Every week I need to do at least 7 works to each day. Mostly, I need to give them on Monday and on Wednesday.
But at least today we could finish some of our works in school. I'm really grateful that teacher let us do this because really, I still have a lot to do. #ArtistProblemsComplainingNo190

Well, it's even fun how we need to study while making those works. I literally don't have time for it but whatever. I'm trying my best though.
While this all, I try to spend days with me boyfriend. And well, because he is not talking with me right now, I decided to write there. I just feel to write everything what I think about this day mostly.
I was just thinking that when I won't be able to add something more interesting, I will post stuff about my days. That's why I made rubric named "Diary" so I can at least tell you about my days.
I actually used to have diaries but I kinda stopped with them. I don't even know why. But instead of them I will just make this "public diary" on my own blog. c:
I just hope that you will like it! And i promise you that when I will be finally after all those stuff, I will definitely try to write something more interesting. For example soon I might to try make my first own homemade cookies so maybe I will add there tutorial on them cx or maybe I can just show you some of my works to school someday.
Really, dont worry sheep ! I have some future plans for this blog. Just wait for it !

But for now, this must be enough. So I really do hope that you enjoyed your day guys. I wish you goodnight and have a nice one free day of tomorrow!

(also I would love to if you check my friend's new blog ! spooky-apricot.blogspot.com)



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1 beepinka beepinka | Web | 24. november 2016 at 22:23 | React

Těším se na úplně všechny články,které přidáš ^^ nedělej si starosti ^^a doufám,že to bude s přítelem zase v pohodě ^^

2 curly-sheep curly-sheep | Web | 4. december 2016 at 17:38 | React

[1]: to som veľmi rada ! ^-^ aj keď som sa teraz presťahovala na inú stránku dúfam že nezmeníš svoj názor >< a neboj už je všetko v poriadku c:

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