October 2016

Really long unactivity.

21. october 2016 at 22:05 | Shio
Hello my dearest sheep
Unactive shio here.
Well, Im really really reaaaaaaaaaally so sorry that i didnt add anything almost 1 (?) month >< But I kinda didnt have time for it since i started going to school. I had lot of works to do. (not even kidding)
Even when i was done with them, I was tired from day which i spent in school so i always just died when i arrived at home. Also I didnt have any ideas of what i should write there. Like I was convincing myself to write there something like 2 or 3 times, but i just forgot after or was lazy to write.
Well, I love writing. That might be one of the reasons why i created this blog though, but since i bought like 5 diaries where im writing almost everyday (or should i say where i wrote almost everyday ?), i kinda didnt feel like i want to write the same stuff there, because i was kind of writing there mostly about my days I guess.
So well, I just wanted to apologize and just wanted to tell you that im not done with this blog yet. (hello haters sorry for disappointing you cx)
I might have some idea what to write about though. Even halloween will be there is soon so I just want to show you something but will add it tomorrow or maybe today but i dont think so. Im kinda sleepy already even though its just 22:O2.
So yeah.
That might be all.
Oh wait a second. I also want to say thank you to those who are still active on this blog and are checking it if i added something or not. I really do appreciate it and i hope that you will be still there.

So have a nice day, just wait for me and be pantient my precious sheep.