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8. september 2016 at 16:59 | Shio |  Something about me.
Hello sheep
Shio here.
So well i kinda forget to add my result of hair lately so i will add it today.
(hope you wont mind)
sooo sadly i needed to survive as true blonde shit few days till i was able to go and buy new hair color a.k.a grey or brown.
So on Friday I went to the city called Nitra to find grey color because holy shit look how light blonde it was i really truly believed that this time that grey might work.
do you know what? ...
I was like in 6 shops or maybe more aND IT LITERALLY DIDNT HAVE ANYWHERE sjfasdklajdsklôfa *rageragerage*
Well, I just gave up. But, I still didnt want to be blonde...
So on Saturday I went to the city called Levice to find brown color in mall. And well I kinda couldnt decide because I didnt want to have dark brown or just brown I wanted it silver brown or something like I had before. So i found one color.
aaand my result is this ------------------------->
dont know if you can see it properly but I really dont have another photo than this ;-;
okay maybe i have but trust me this one is the best xD
Soo well it isnt what i really wanted tbh .. but, I still like it. Im even using still that silver shampoo which is for grey, white or blonde hair so my hair are becoming slowly sloooooowly lighter and silver on some places hehehehehehehhehehehehehehehe :3

Well, also lets say that its better than that blonde or blue which i had xD
You need to agree !

(and also in winter I might have red hair or in future im planning moar stuff with my hair but lets keep this in secret and also prepare for new hair progresses *wink wink*)

So my dear sheep, I know I'm kinda slowly adding new articles but >< you know that im lazy also my school just started and I already have lot of homeworks which i need to draw or I have really shit timetable.
I have like 2 times 8 lessons in week one 6 lesson and then 2 times lessons.
So rip me.
Also I would love to write moar about my days in school so maybe on Friday a.k.a tomorrow I might add summary of my days in school in this week.

So I hope you liked this article because I really dont know what to write more about and im not really feeling good so I will just end this for today.

See you tomorrow loves! Hope you had nice day though.

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1 beepinka beepinka | Web | 10. september 2016 at 23:32 | React

Ty vlasy máš podle mě naprosto super! *-*

2 Sayuri Sayuri | Web | 11. september 2016 at 12:49 | React

Teraz vyzeráš perfektne! Tá svetlučko hnedá sa ti podla mna nesmierne hodí!

3 Shio Shio | Web | 12. september 2016 at 0:52 | React

[1]: , [2]: aww ďakujem ;w;♥

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