1. Day on new school.

5. september 2016 at 23:00 | Shio |  Maybe something interesting (?)
Your lost unactive shio here.
Sooo today (unfortunatly) the school started.
And as the new student of my new school a.k.a Art High School i kinda enjoyed this day (holy shit first time i enjoyed the first day of school i cant believe)
Soo let me tell you how it was.
Well, I was stressed, scared and nervous af because it was my first day on different place with different people and teachers so as normal first class student of high school i really ..really was scared xD
So when we joined the room where was headteacher talking some shits like my department's name changed on "Graphic Design" (before it was called as Propagation Graphics) well but this isnt that important ..at least for me nah.

So when we was in that room i was already checking my new classmates and holy shit ..they all looked like nolifers (#aRtIsTs) but yeah okay maybe 3 or 4 people looked a bit sympathetically to me.
Hope that i will make them as my friends ..at least i will try. Or better say I need to because i dont want to spend my whle school life alone in my class ;-; but eh ..for me its kinda hard make new friends because im shy fuck and i cant talk with random people properly ><
Its sad i know.

Ah so after listening headteacher we went to our class where i met my new classteacher a.k.a the one of the worst teachers on that school. (tbh i got just all shit teachers there cccccccccc: *i cry*)
Well , i hope that i will survive
So from her talking i just found out that tOMORROW I HAVE ALREADY 8 HOURS LIKE REALLY Ahjsadklasôdkalsdkada ...please.
I never had 8 hours in my life.
I will die.
I will cry.
I will commit suicide
lets hope that i will survive .. also i found out that we will already draw something tomorrow ;-; so i needed to buy a lot of stuff today because as true student i didnt have almost anything even though school already started xD (nice preparation shio) *cough cough* i know :^)

So after classteacher talking we went to one place where was "opening the school" . So all students were there and oh my some of them looked really nice (you know those people with colored hair and dreads , ahhhh♥)
(also maybe i forgot to say i have lot of friends there already but from another classes so when they saw me they were just happily waving on me and aww it was cute xD ~ )

So as the talking of headteacher started again everyone almost died from laughing She just was talking like 1O minutes and suddenly some stundets which were late came so she stopped to talk and silently looked on them. And everyone were just laughing so she continued in talking. But after 2O minutes some another late stundents came and she again stopped talk , siltenty looked on them and was like "Goodmorning 4.grade" and everyone started laugh again. So she started talk again and after 4O minutes another late students came and holy shit she just murderously looked on them and said "seems like you will stay there after this with me " and boys just behind me were like " well ..they shouldnt have do drugs" and boom everyone biggest laugh again xD
And on that moment i was just like "holy shit i love this school so much.
And well headteacher couldnt talk properly and her accent and "smart quotes" were just so bad like "who is laughing as last .....is laughing as last" ???????????????????????
what?? xDDDD and everyone just started laugh because it doesnt make any sense xD
Also when the another teachers came on the position talking some of them were so awesome.
Like one teacher "maybe some of you dont have talent ...but it doesnt matter" everyone started laugh and he was like " ohhh so now are laughing those who have talent?? ...ah and now i lost in my text" xD
Or also he said "you can work everywhere you want ..instead of Kaufland" boom everyone were just laughing.
This was just best opening of new school year on which i ever was really

So after this we needed to go back to school and as true sheep i just forgot where my class was so i was sooo lost there c': but yeah i just believe that after some time i will get used to on everything.
Also i belive you had nice day in school too (even though its school)
aand I think i already wrote a lot xD (holy shit i really did..)

Well so I will go and dunno when i will add something new ~

Sooo goodnight my sheep!


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1 Dee & Hikari Dee & Hikari | Web | 7. september 2016 at 16:59 | React

Good luck in new school!

Ahoj, rády bychom tě pozvaly na náš nový blog o Yaoi povídkách a fanfiction. Budeme rády za milý komentář nebo návštěvu! ^^ yaoiii-povidky.blog.cz

2 beepinka beepinka | Web | 10. september 2016 at 23:36 | React

No vidíš ^^ Ve škole bude sranda a určo se tam skamarádíš s plno lidma ^^ don´t worry :D :P

3 Shio Shio | Web | 12. september 2016 at 1:03 | React

[2]: well kinda aj je a hehe možno sa už aj stalo c:

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