September 2016

First 5 days in school. Summary.

12. september 2016 at 0:50 | Shio |  Maybe something interesting (?)
Hello beauties
Shio here
As the first thing I want to apologize that I didn't add this article on Friday when I promised but in that day I kinda was buying supplies for my school and it was 3O degrees outside and I was even running from shop to shop in this day because of someone..right Seb?
So, well I was really soooo exhausted when I got home. I just lied on bed and died instantly (not even kidding.)
And then another days i just forgot to write there... im sorry >< but i didnt forget about you today sheep! because im here writing there even though Im tired af. (well never mind at least this is keeping me awake while im waiting on Seb.)
So well I think i talked already about the first day of school so i wont tell you stuff from this day again but..
What happened on the second day of school? hmmmm. Well ..good question xD
To be honest I dont really remember all stuff which happened in those days but i will at least try to tell you about the main stuffs.
So on the second day of school i finally tried to talk with classmates and also tried to make new friends because of course i would be never able to survive alone there without knowing anyone 4 years.
Well in my class werent really likeable people....
But I tried to talk with two girls whose couldnt find the way to classroom and because i kinda have a lot friends already in this school whose are in higher grades i tried to help them find the way because i already knew where that class is from my friends. (at least i thought i knew where it was.)
I just told them the wrong way tbh xD so we all just got lost ..never mind. We still found the class in the end hehehe. #teamwork
Well it was just second day of school and we already had 8 lessons...like really what the fuck. I never had 8 lessons before so i knew that i will die when on secondary school i was already dying from 7 lessons..
But it suprisingly passed so fast. Because 5 lessons we were just drawing and I was talking with my new friends I guess.
Actually im glad that i met those two grills. At least i can survive with someone in this class!

Well 3th day school.
I dont remember much of it. Okay I actually think that i dont remember it all but.
ahhh i think i wont say stuff which happened in the actual days because i dont remember already in which day it happened so now i will just write the best moments from all of days okay? xD hope you wont mind.

So from all the stuff which happened there the best one was that i can finally be with my really good friends everyday there whose are from higher grades. Like really the feel that i can be with them is just ahhhhhhhh♥
Its just funny to go throught to the hall and just hear my friend screaming "wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife" and see her running to me and just hug me Or one friend even told my classmate that if ever will something bad happen to me he should just tell him and he will kill everyone in my class. Or on the lunch break to go just buy coffee to station with another friend or just go to the best shop a.k.a lidl buy musli sticks xD

Ah I think that i love this school really. Im glad that im here. Even though one teacher already hates me xD why?
because i accidently hit her and crumpled her papers when i was putting my backpack on back. And she was just like "you crumpled my papers ! okay.. i will remember this hair, clothes and we wont get well girl. " and i was just like "wha-" how can stupid thing like that makes her to hate me xD i dont get iiit.

But if i should tell you about teachers .. i think i just got the worst possible teachers on my lessons ..really.
Ah well, I hope that i can survive it this year.

Well lets say that its all because ahhh im really so tired and in this mood i cant remember about more moments which happened...im sorry ><

So goodnight sheep! Lets survive school tomorrow together.

Hair progress result (?)

8. september 2016 at 16:59 | Shio |  Something about me.
Hello sheep
Shio here.
So well i kinda forget to add my result of hair lately so i will add it today.
(hope you wont mind)
sooo sadly i needed to survive as true blonde shit few days till i was able to go and buy new hair color a.k.a grey or brown.
So on Friday I went to the city called Nitra to find grey color because holy shit look how light blonde it was i really truly believed that this time that grey might work.
do you know what? ...
I was like in 6 shops or maybe more aND IT LITERALLY DIDNT HAVE ANYWHERE sjfasdklajdsklôfa *rageragerage*
Well, I just gave up. But, I still didnt want to be blonde...
So on Saturday I went to the city called Levice to find brown color in mall. And well I kinda couldnt decide because I didnt want to have dark brown or just brown I wanted it silver brown or something like I had before. So i found one color.
aaand my result is this ------------------------->
dont know if you can see it properly but I really dont have another photo than this ;-;
okay maybe i have but trust me this one is the best xD
Soo well it isnt what i really wanted tbh .. but, I still like it. Im even using still that silver shampoo which is for grey, white or blonde hair so my hair are becoming slowly sloooooowly lighter and silver on some places hehehehehehehhehehehehehehehe :3

Well, also lets say that its better than that blonde or blue which i had xD
You need to agree !

(and also in winter I might have red hair or in future im planning moar stuff with my hair but lets keep this in secret and also prepare for new hair progresses *wink wink*)

So my dear sheep, I know I'm kinda slowly adding new articles but >< you know that im lazy also my school just started and I already have lot of homeworks which i need to draw or I have really shit timetable.
I have like 2 times 8 lessons in week one 6 lesson and then 2 times lessons.
So rip me.
Also I would love to write moar about my days in school so maybe on Friday a.k.a tomorrow I might add summary of my days in school in this week.

So I hope you liked this article because I really dont know what to write more about and im not really feeling good so I will just end this for today.

See you tomorrow loves! Hope you had nice day though.

1. Day on new school.

5. september 2016 at 23:00 | Shio |  Maybe something interesting (?)
Your lost unactive shio here.
Sooo today (unfortunatly) the school started.
And as the new student of my new school a.k.a Art High School i kinda enjoyed this day (holy shit first time i enjoyed the first day of school i cant believe)
Soo let me tell you how it was.
Well, I was stressed, scared and nervous af because it was my first day on different place with different people and teachers so as normal first class student of high school i really ..really was scared xD
So when we joined the room where was headteacher talking some shits like my department's name changed on "Graphic Design" (before it was called as Propagation Graphics) well but this isnt that important ..at least for me nah.

So when we was in that room i was already checking my new classmates and holy shit ..they all looked like nolifers (#aRtIsTs) but yeah okay maybe 3 or 4 people looked a bit sympathetically to me.
Hope that i will make them as my friends ..at least i will try. Or better say I need to because i dont want to spend my whle school life alone in my class ;-; but eh ..for me its kinda hard make new friends because im shy fuck and i cant talk with random people properly ><
Its sad i know.

Ah so after listening headteacher we went to our class where i met my new classteacher a.k.a the one of the worst teachers on that school. (tbh i got just all shit teachers there cccccccccc: *i cry*)
Well , i hope that i will survive
So from her talking i just found out that tOMORROW I HAVE ALREADY 8 HOURS LIKE REALLY Ahjsadklasôdkalsdkada ...please.
I never had 8 hours in my life.
I will die.
I will cry.
I will commit suicide
lets hope that i will survive .. also i found out that we will already draw something tomorrow ;-; so i needed to buy a lot of stuff today because as true student i didnt have almost anything even though school already started xD (nice preparation shio) *cough cough* i know :^)

So after classteacher talking we went to one place where was "opening the school" . So all students were there and oh my some of them looked really nice (you know those people with colored hair and dreads , ahhhh♥)
(also maybe i forgot to say i have lot of friends there already but from another classes so when they saw me they were just happily waving on me and aww it was cute xD ~ )

So as the talking of headteacher started again everyone almost died from laughing She just was talking like 1O minutes and suddenly some stundets which were late came so she stopped to talk and silently looked on them. And everyone were just laughing so she continued in talking. But after 2O minutes some another late stundents came and she again stopped talk , siltenty looked on them and was like "Goodmorning 4.grade" and everyone started laugh again. So she started talk again and after 4O minutes another late students came and holy shit she just murderously looked on them and said "seems like you will stay there after this with me " and boys just behind me were like " well ..they shouldnt have do drugs" and boom everyone biggest laugh again xD
And on that moment i was just like "holy shit i love this school so much.
And well headteacher couldnt talk properly and her accent and "smart quotes" were just so bad like "who is laughing as last .....is laughing as last" ???????????????????????
what?? xDDDD and everyone just started laugh because it doesnt make any sense xD
Also when the another teachers came on the position talking some of them were so awesome.
Like one teacher "maybe some of you dont have talent ...but it doesnt matter" everyone started laugh and he was like " ohhh so now are laughing those who have talent?? ...ah and now i lost in my text" xD
Or also he said "you can work everywhere you want ..instead of Kaufland" boom everyone were just laughing.
This was just best opening of new school year on which i ever was really

So after this we needed to go back to school and as true sheep i just forgot where my class was so i was sooo lost there c': but yeah i just believe that after some time i will get used to on everything.
Also i belive you had nice day in school too (even though its school)
aand I think i already wrote a lot xD (holy shit i really did..)

Well so I will go and dunno when i will add something new ~

Sooo goodnight my sheep!