Unactivity vol. 2 (kill yourself shio plz)

5. august 2016 at 2:40 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
e-eh hello
shio here
so as you could notice i again stopped to be active because holy shit im so stupid sometimes
no ideas though (why have you this blog then?)
well in those days i was literally doing anything so i have no fucking idea why i wasnt at least writing some articles there
Probably because im lazyfuck o: but you all know about it so you shouldnt be mad on me for this >.> (well i think you should kick me for this or something)
Really i dont know as I said last time i will try to be moar active probably after this "information" article thingy i will add something because this is not interesting at all

But what i was doing in those lovable days huh
nothing. I was just sleeping, playing games and was bored all day.
Evryday the same.
I think there were better days in this summer before where i could at least spend time with someone all day
Naow im just sitting there and writing everything what goes in my mind right now.
Well not exactly everything but at least somehting

Ah also im not alone at home anymore because my mother doesnt need to go to the work for 2 weeks so im suffering with her in home rn ._.
She always wakes me up soooo fucking early i cant handle it anymore. (because im going all the time sleep at 5:OO in the morning)
Even now im not tired because i fell asleep probably 3 hours later because i was sooooo bored that i rather went sleep.
Such hard days what else can i say.
Also i was planning to go 3 times out with one of my friend but she is always like "meeeh cant today" ahsdjsf.jsadfjksafôas #complaining af
But yeah I will try to add moar articles when i have a lot of time now I guess.
I will try.

Also dunno if you are interested or not but i started to draw some things so i might add it there later when i will wake up and now i really promise.
I wont dissapoint you this time. ^-^

So well goodnight loves

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1 Marilyn Grohl Marilyn Grohl | Web | 5. august 2016 at 3:01 | React

I had to stop reading after like third sentence. I truly wanted to give it a try, but hell no,I'd die. What are you trying to do here? I mean, are you practicing for your English lesson at school? Your English really isn't good enough to write a blog in English. Or get your articles reviewed by someone, before you press the 'post entry' button.

2 Tami Tami | 5. august 2016 at 19:27 | React

[1]: Stfu, ak ti to vadí, tak jej články nečítaj a daj jej pokoj :'))

3 Caseyacata Caseyacata | Email | Web | 20. august 2017 at 15:24 | React

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