Summary of 6 days.

11. august 2016 at 11:41 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Shio here
Well I think its kinda pointless to apologize all the time that I didnt add anything
I know its my own fault for being lazyfuck *sob*

So Because I didnt add anything I decided to summarize all those days
So ehm 1. Day Saturday
Well I haven't been doing kinda anything. (well i dont think i really did something interesting in those 3 days) I just woke up, ate something and dunno. I really dont remember those things omfg xD I just remember one thing what i did in that day and that was that I went look on my babies (kitties). I decided to go chcek on them everyday because im scared that something might happen to them because they are outside with my cat and i cant take them to the house #parents

Well, as I went to check on them outside i just could see two of them (normally they are 3) and just heard noises of one kitty which wasnt there. So i though that its stuck somewhere or idk because they are really on dangerous place .. So as I was looking outside of "little house" i just found it on the ground. It even couldnt walk properly and was just making tiny noises it was sooooo fucking cute. And omfg when i grabbed it to my hands it was so tiny. Like a little bean. It wasnt even bigger than my hand hehehehhehehehe
(Maybe in the end of this article i might show you one of them because i made picture of it when it was in my hand :3)

2. Day - Sunday
Well to be completly honest I really dont remember what happened here. I think I was just watching anime with Seb all day
3. Day - Monday
Mh I think i did the same xD I just woke up, ate something and watch anime with Sebbu
To be honest I really dont remember those two days clearly. Like i just remember the main things which i did, also about which i wrote. (oh really?)
4. Day Tuesday + 5. Day Wednesday
Well in those two days I was forced to go to the Welness with my parents.
Why forced? Because i hate Welness and pools and those shits. Why? Because I ..eh I kinda find it disgusting when so many people are bathing in the same pool ..ew.
But well , I needed to go because this year we didnt went on any vacation to another country because my parets decided to rework bathroom so they gave lot of money to it and stuff.
Ah never mind. Im here, I survived so its okay
Actually if i should be honest just in one pool was fun.
But meeeeeeeeh I still regret that i went there hwjsafkadsljkôfjasklôfjkaslfjasdfndaskôfas.

6. Day - Thursday a.k.a today ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Well I dont think that I can tell you so much about today because its just 11:18 so xD
But you might be wondering why im there so early?
Because i woke up at 7:14 :')))))))))))))))))))))))))) b-b-b-but why?
Well Seb today went to school (kinda unpleasant because Im going to school 2. september ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hehehhehehe #Slovakia>Denmark = well actually just in this is Slovakia a bit better xD)
So uhm he wanted me to wake up early with him so i did c: (also i went sleep with him so early yesterday)
But I dont mind it because actually I wanted to be with him too so >.>
So we are kinda surviving naow together even though im at home and he in school xd but at least we are tired af together (so romantic)
Well at least by this i will just get use on early waking up before I will start to go to school (even though just 3 weeks left..omfg....just...3...weeks...*crying*)

and well because he is slow af with answering messages right now i decided to write something on blog c:

because I really didnt add anything for a long timeIm such lazy fuck and you know it.
Thats the reason though ehehehehe.

Oh. I promised that i will show you that little guy which i saved
Isnt it cute?
Im totally in love with them >< I hope this time nothing will happen with them. Thats why im taking so much care about them as i said before c:

But sheep.
I have no idea when I will add something new there because "no ideas + lazyfuck Shio" = the worst combination ever
But I promise that it will be soon !
At least i hope.
Also I think i wrote really reaaaaally long article today (even though im writing this for a second time because my lovely blog-senpai decided to log me off while i was pressing the "add" button so it all deleted...fuck my life really.

So I hope you will have nice day!

Bye sheep

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1 Yuiinka c: Yuiinka c: | Web | 14. august 2016 at 22:37 | React

Wouh, vyčerpávající xD musím se řiznat, že za poslední měsíc nemám páru, co všechno jsem dělala... sad... :c a ty koťátka jsou ňuňu :3
Postav jim domeček a udělej z toho článek xD krok za krokem c:

2 Shio Shio | Web | 15. august 2016 at 20:39 | React

[1]: pokúsim sa :d ale keďže moc nijaký kutil niesom tak to určite celé pokazím xd *sad*

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