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1. august 2016 at 14:55 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Unactive Shio here ~
well it's been time since i post something and I'm sorry for it ><
Kinda had no ideas

Mhhm but what should I say.
I feel fine everything is fine nothing had changed though xD (actually I'm just pretty tired because today i needed to
wake up early and slept just 2 hours )
And why I slept just so little? mhm because I needed to go again to the vet with my guinea pig ;-; (at least he feel better) and well while waiting i made so many pictures so here you have my selfie with cancer filter from snapchat so you can see that I'm really fine and didn't die in those two days :^) (ego up kappa)
Also as you can see I still don't have grey hair because i still didn't buy that color and I'm kinda lazy to go to the city (also its hot af outside ew)
But soon I might force myself to go already buy it x)

And weeeell what I have been doing in those days?

I just was playing my lovable games.
Watching anime with Seb a.k.a RE Zero which gave me a cancer. (That 18th episode grrseems like I will stop watching it because holy shit it made me so fucking mad)
Also started watch ReLife so I might start do reviews of anime or something ~ sounds like it could be fun
We will see ~

Also! *moment for tension* I finally found time to go outside (mhm sounds like I never have time for that) and went go catch pokémons xd
(Might add another article about it soon hehehehheheheh)
Seems like i'm starting to getting ideas or idk ~
who knows.

But also I would love to thank you to all who are still reading my shits on this blog c: ~ we reached moar than 2OO people on this blog and I'm sooo happy about it
Well I have been thinking a lot about if I should just delete this blog or not becuase im lazy fuck to add articles all the time or the most of time i have no ideas.
But meh.
I will still try to be moar active ~ and still continue in this shit
Kinda dont want to dissapoint those sheep who are still reading my articles c: ~

Also we have new month here so you never know might something interesting happen ~ (ALSO JUST THIS MONTH AND WE WILL NEED TO GO TO THE SCHOOL AGAIN ashjisjafksadjfklkfaôdslfsa) why it is going so fast omfg
And im even starting on high school >< *stressing*
Well i hope it will be fine ;-;
I really REALLY hope

But now Im really so fucking tired and dont know what to write >.> So maybe I will try to sleep for a bit and later i might add something ~

Have a nice day luvs.


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