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15. august 2016 at 20:36 | Shio |  Something about me.
Shio here
So its been time again huh ?
But dont worry! I didnt forget on you sheep
So well today I finally decided to continue in "getting finally fucking grey hair" plan
Because as you can know, last time when i went to the hairdresser she bleached it and completly fucked it :')
So that was day how my hair became brown..again in once.
Today I bought lightener and kinda bleached my hair with it.
So naow i look literally like shit c':
#small sample
(i just took that picture naow btw *unexpected*)
But wellp I need to survive like this to Wednesday so i can bleach it again because its not blonde enough to get that color ;-; *i cry everytime*
and in the Friday finally....FINALLY...I will dye it on grey
At least i hope it will work (if I wont lose my hair till that day though xD)
cuz you know, my hair got kinda shit quality so its kinda hard and scary to put all those chemicals shit on my hair.
But whatever i tried x)
If something will happen i have my wigs xd (okay I actually hope I wont lose any of my hair *scared scared scared*
Well we will see so ~

Wellp just kinda wanted to inform you about this sheep c:
My progress of my lovable hair will be soon done ~ I hope (I REALLY FUCKING HOPE OR ELSE I WILL DIE *cough cough*)

But i hope you have nice evening sheep c: ~ also just 2 and half of week left to school *crying even moar*
but ! at least i ordered some school supplies like backpack, pencilcase etc.
also I ordered diary...
fucking diary..why
I have no idea xD really I dont even know if i ever will write there something omfg
But it was so pretty I needed to have it q3q

Ah well I think I will go naow, continue in listening my screaming bf while playing cs go *my ears literally died i needed to put volume of skype on 7 % ._. and its still loud omfg *putting it on 1%*)

Bye Bye ~

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1 Inu~ Inu~ | Web | 18. august 2016 at 15:55 | React

Yaay tebe pristanú aj takéto bledučké vlásky ktoré máš teraz :3 dúfam s tebou že už tá sivá farba víde a podelíš sa s výsledkom :3 tiež by som si mala niečo poobjednávať :D poznám ten pocit, keď niečo musíš mať kvôli tomu, že je to proste pretty :D a ten koniec je tak zlatýýý <3 bože, vy ste otp úplne :D <3

2 beepinka beepinka | Web | 27. august 2016 at 14:00 | React

Ahojky ^^ Chci se ti moc omluvit,že na žádost o přátelství odpovídám až teď. Já jsem si toho totiž nevšimla ><:D jsem fakt debil :D Každopádně moc ráda spřátelím. Máš to tu přímo nádherné a docela mě zaujalo,že píšeš články v ájině :D. Takže pokud stále ještě stojíš o spřátelení,dej mi prosím vědět ^^) Užij si víkend.

3 Shio Shio | Web | 28. august 2016 at 21:11 | React

[1]: well dam ti taky jeden spoiler ...nevišlo :c ale tak ešte dačo povymýšľam snáď :D a hehehe ďakujeme :3

[2]: v pohode c: a ďakujem veľmi pekne ~ a yush ! dám ti hneď vedieť ..teraz xD sec ♥

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