25.8. - Bubble Day in Nitra

28. august 2016 at 21:04 | Shio |  Maybe something interesting (?)
Shio here!
Well its been a long time since i added something ...again...ah well im sorry ><
Like I wanted add something yesterday also day before but ...I was just lazy to write something okay ? D:
Sooo as the today finally interesting topic I chose one day to write about ! Or better say one event to write about.
On Thursday 25.8 I went to the Nitra on Bubble Day with some friends yay!
Finally after year I was able to go there ~
Last year i couldnt go because ...parents. But well whatever I went this year so Im happy hehehehhehehehhe.

So well I wanted to go there just with one friend but she suddenly became more sick in that day and just totally refused me *sob-sob*. But I asked one friend or especially just told her that we wont meet together and she just asked me if I want to join her squad so I was like "yus sure!".
Also I just thought I will go with them but I convinced one person to join us who was outside with me in that moment :3
So I was really happy.
Because we didnt go that much anywhere soo we finally could hehe.
Well as I met with another friend who got more friends with her I was kinda dissapointed because she didnt even introduce them to us. So it was kinda awkward because we didnt know anything about each other so we just quietly was walking behind them.
Ah never mind. I still had lot of fun there! Also it was amazing when i saw so many people on one place making bubbles in the same time. People were just sitting around the fountain and making bubbles.
Im kinda sad that i couldnt take picture of it properly because we didnt walk that much throught the people :c

We were there almost 4 hours i guess and then we decided to leave. But holy shit we kinda left squad earlier because our bus was going earlier so and we just couldnt find the station there xD
Like really we were just asking the people around where is the station and was just 3O minutes going throught all Nitra it was soo exhausting and awkward as well xD But we found it!

So yeah that might be all from this day I guess.

Also Im really again so sorry that i was unactive again for a long time but ...Im just lazy fuck even my boyfriend was telling me all the time that i should add there something finally but i was always like "yuuuush sure later i will!" and always just forgot about it ._. (should just slap myself for it)

But I might in those days add something moar because my hair progress has improved and well it looks just like shit
now so im just thinking to dye my hair on blue or red I still dont know xD
And also soon sadly will start school...omfg...and my things to school which i ordered still didnt arrive D: asfjkasdjôfklaskfôa (okay just pens did but stillll)
So well if everything will arrive I might just show you sheep

But for now lovelies have a nice evening and see ya!

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