August 2016

Hair progress vol 2/3 (?)

31. august 2016 at 23:25 | Shio |  Something about me.
Heya beauties
Shio here!
So well as i promised, I will show you continuing in this shitty hair progress c:

Well lets say that i didnt get really grey hair when i bleached it again and used grey color but ... i kinda loved that color like really.
Okay maybe in that time not that much but now im really missing it (you will find out soon why i said that im missing it)
To be honest , that color just fit me so much just take a look ---- >
It was so lovable dont you think ? ;-; it was kinda something between grey and brown. Ahhh...
I just destroyed by idea that i want fucking blue color.
Yep i decided for blue (someone should just punch me in that time when i said i want blue)
Ah i just thought that i will never have pure grey so thats why i decided to take this color ..
Worst idea ever.
I totally regret it
Because ..It didnt get my hair all blue it just made blue stains on ehhh brown something blonde hair? I dont know i will just show you that on the second picture here.
See? Totally shit. Like okay maybe it kinda looks good but mostly no.
I liked that brown before more than this thats why today I bought brown hair color and this Saturday Im going to try to color it once again.
Just want to color it on brown again and maybe after some months again use grey color so it might make the same hair color as before.
At least I really hope because i wont survive like this..
Also I hope that brown will look good on me or else i will kill myself because on Monday im starting to go on new High school so Im really so scared how i will look like and i dont defnitely look like shit on my first day ahihsdjaskfjkôlskdôafor
so yeah
that might be all about those hair i guess for now
oh yeah maybe i should say that im planning to color them on red maybe in winter so prepare for it though ! xD (should prepare myself for it too because my boyfriend will helping me with that)
"But shio, dont you think that you are overdo this ?"
Yep Im . Thats why im prepared that maybe in 2 years im going to lose my hair :') (got my wigs prepared for situation as well)
i really hope that they wont fall so early ><

But yeah as i said lets hope that everything will be fine.
Wish me the luck !
But now im going to bed because im really so tired.

So goodnight my lovable sheep! Also good luck for czechs who are going to school tomorrow ! c:

25.8. - Bubble Day in Nitra

28. august 2016 at 21:04 | Shio |  Maybe something interesting (?)
Shio here!
Well its been a long time since i added something ...again...ah well im sorry ><
Like I wanted add something yesterday also day before but ...I was just lazy to write something okay ? D:
Sooo as the today finally interesting topic I chose one day to write about ! Or better say one event to write about.
On Thursday 25.8 I went to the Nitra on Bubble Day with some friends yay!
Finally after year I was able to go there ~
Last year i couldnt go because ...parents. But well whatever I went this year so Im happy hehehehhehehehhe.

So well I wanted to go there just with one friend but she suddenly became more sick in that day and just totally refused me *sob-sob*. But I asked one friend or especially just told her that we wont meet together and she just asked me if I want to join her squad so I was like "yus sure!".
Also I just thought I will go with them but I convinced one person to join us who was outside with me in that moment :3
So I was really happy.
Because we didnt go that much anywhere soo we finally could hehe.
Well as I met with another friend who got more friends with her I was kinda dissapointed because she didnt even introduce them to us. So it was kinda awkward because we didnt know anything about each other so we just quietly was walking behind them.
Ah never mind. I still had lot of fun there! Also it was amazing when i saw so many people on one place making bubbles in the same time. People were just sitting around the fountain and making bubbles.
Im kinda sad that i couldnt take picture of it properly because we didnt walk that much throught the people :c

We were there almost 4 hours i guess and then we decided to leave. But holy shit we kinda left squad earlier because our bus was going earlier so and we just couldnt find the station there xD
Like really we were just asking the people around where is the station and was just 3O minutes going throught all Nitra it was soo exhausting and awkward as well xD But we found it!

So yeah that might be all from this day I guess.

Also Im really again so sorry that i was unactive again for a long time but ...Im just lazy fuck even my boyfriend was telling me all the time that i should add there something finally but i was always like "yuuuush sure later i will!" and always just forgot about it ._. (should just slap myself for it)

But I might in those days add something moar because my hair progress has improved and well it looks just like shit
now so im just thinking to dye my hair on blue or red I still dont know xD
And also soon sadly will start school...omfg...and my things to school which i ordered still didnt arrive D: asfjkasdjôfklaskfôa (okay just pens did but stillll)
So well if everything will arrive I might just show you sheep

But for now lovelies have a nice evening and see ya!

Hair progress.

15. august 2016 at 20:36 | Shio |  Something about me.
Shio here
So its been time again huh ?
But dont worry! I didnt forget on you sheep
So well today I finally decided to continue in "getting finally fucking grey hair" plan
Because as you can know, last time when i went to the hairdresser she bleached it and completly fucked it :')
So that was day how my hair became brown..again in once.
Today I bought lightener and kinda bleached my hair with it.
So naow i look literally like shit c':
#small sample
(i just took that picture naow btw *unexpected*)
But wellp I need to survive like this to Wednesday so i can bleach it again because its not blonde enough to get that color ;-; *i cry everytime*
and in the Friday finally....FINALLY...I will dye it on grey
At least i hope it will work (if I wont lose my hair till that day though xD)
cuz you know, my hair got kinda shit quality so its kinda hard and scary to put all those chemicals shit on my hair.
But whatever i tried x)
If something will happen i have my wigs xd (okay I actually hope I wont lose any of my hair *scared scared scared*
Well we will see so ~

Wellp just kinda wanted to inform you about this sheep c:
My progress of my lovable hair will be soon done ~ I hope (I REALLY FUCKING HOPE OR ELSE I WILL DIE *cough cough*)

But i hope you have nice evening sheep c: ~ also just 2 and half of week left to school *crying even moar*
but ! at least i ordered some school supplies like backpack, pencilcase etc.
also I ordered diary...
fucking diary..why
I have no idea xD really I dont even know if i ever will write there something omfg
But it was so pretty I needed to have it q3q

Ah well I think I will go naow, continue in listening my screaming bf while playing cs go *my ears literally died i needed to put volume of skype on 7 % ._. and its still loud omfg *putting it on 1%*)

Bye Bye ~

Summary of 6 days.

11. august 2016 at 11:41 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Shio here
Well I think its kinda pointless to apologize all the time that I didnt add anything
I know its my own fault for being lazyfuck *sob*

So Because I didnt add anything I decided to summarize all those days
So ehm 1. Day Saturday
Well I haven't been doing kinda anything. (well i dont think i really did something interesting in those 3 days) I just woke up, ate something and dunno. I really dont remember those things omfg xD I just remember one thing what i did in that day and that was that I went look on my babies (kitties). I decided to go chcek on them everyday because im scared that something might happen to them because they are outside with my cat and i cant take them to the house #parents

Well, as I went to check on them outside i just could see two of them (normally they are 3) and just heard noises of one kitty which wasnt there. So i though that its stuck somewhere or idk because they are really on dangerous place .. So as I was looking outside of "little house" i just found it on the ground. It even couldnt walk properly and was just making tiny noises it was sooooo fucking cute. And omfg when i grabbed it to my hands it was so tiny. Like a little bean. It wasnt even bigger than my hand hehehehhehehehe
(Maybe in the end of this article i might show you one of them because i made picture of it when it was in my hand :3)

2. Day - Sunday
Well to be completly honest I really dont remember what happened here. I think I was just watching anime with Seb all day
3. Day - Monday
Mh I think i did the same xD I just woke up, ate something and watch anime with Sebbu
To be honest I really dont remember those two days clearly. Like i just remember the main things which i did, also about which i wrote. (oh really?)
4. Day Tuesday + 5. Day Wednesday
Well in those two days I was forced to go to the Welness with my parents.
Why forced? Because i hate Welness and pools and those shits. Why? Because I ..eh I kinda find it disgusting when so many people are bathing in the same pool ..ew.
But well , I needed to go because this year we didnt went on any vacation to another country because my parets decided to rework bathroom so they gave lot of money to it and stuff.
Ah never mind. Im here, I survived so its okay
Actually if i should be honest just in one pool was fun.
But meeeeeeeeh I still regret that i went there hwjsafkadsljkôfjasklôfjkaslfjasdfndaskôfas.

6. Day - Thursday a.k.a today ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Well I dont think that I can tell you so much about today because its just 11:18 so xD
But you might be wondering why im there so early?
Because i woke up at 7:14 :')))))))))))))))))))))))))) b-b-b-but why?
Well Seb today went to school (kinda unpleasant because Im going to school 2. september ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hehehhehehe #Slovakia>Denmark = well actually just in this is Slovakia a bit better xD)
So uhm he wanted me to wake up early with him so i did c: (also i went sleep with him so early yesterday)
But I dont mind it because actually I wanted to be with him too so >.>
So we are kinda surviving naow together even though im at home and he in school xd but at least we are tired af together (so romantic)
Well at least by this i will just get use on early waking up before I will start to go to school (even though just 3 weeks left..omfg....just...3...weeks...*crying*)

and well because he is slow af with answering messages right now i decided to write something on blog c:

because I really didnt add anything for a long timeIm such lazy fuck and you know it.
Thats the reason though ehehehehe.

Oh. I promised that i will show you that little guy which i saved
Isnt it cute?
Im totally in love with them >< I hope this time nothing will happen with them. Thats why im taking so much care about them as i said before c:

But sheep.
I have no idea when I will add something new there because "no ideas + lazyfuck Shio" = the worst combination ever
But I promise that it will be soon !
At least i hope.
Also I think i wrote really reaaaaally long article today (even though im writing this for a second time because my lovely blog-senpai decided to log me off while i was pressing the "add" button so it all deleted...fuck my life really.

So I hope you will have nice day!

Bye sheep

Maybe a little change.

5. august 2016 at 22:28 | Shio |  Just blog stuff.
Me again
This might be first time I'm adding so fast another article xD (but who mind it right?)
Well, I kinda decided to change background because why not
I love Spirited Away so I found this picture and kinda decided to add it on my blog as background ~ (rip sheep)
But still the blog doesn't lose the meaning nononnonono
sheep are there everywhere hehehe
So I hope that you will like it sheep!
Because I really do.
Now this blog looks moar alive than before I guess. At least i feel like that.
Mhm but I'm not planning another big changes for now so ~
I don't really know if i will ever do some again xD
Because i suck in those things. Literally. I can't even make those epic layouts for blogs :c #sadlife
But probably in future there might be some moar changes. Who knows.
When i will find moar cute or pretty pictures hehehhehehehe.

Well I just wanted tell you why I changed it so suddenly so you wouldn't be like "what the fuck happened there" when you will come here to read some articles xD
I just dont want you to be suprised (better said)
(waow this must be the shortest article which i will add there rn)
So okay, I think for this day it might be all. Have a nice evening lovelies


Goodnight! (that feel when I'm not even close to going sleep hehehhehehehehheheeeeehhehe)

Some animu characters.

5. august 2016 at 21:36 | Shio |  Art & stuff
Shio here
So as I promised i will show you one of my shitty drawings which i started lately
okay i started just one because ...meh xD
I even didnt finished it tbh.
But weeelll whatever

I kinda was bored and found one picture of some characters from RE zero a.k.a the shittest ongoing anime which pissed me off lately. And well you know me, I dont have anything to do all the time so i decided that ill try to draw it beause why not? i was bored af ;-;
Also its been time since i drew some anime characters soo it looks shitty xD
But still I wanted add on my blog something "new"
(i actually added someting with my drawings didnt I? )
hehehe never mind.
So i drew ( or better say im still drawing) Rem, Ram and Emilia-tan from Re Zero ~
Hope that you will like it tehehee
So here was my kinda process of it

Lets hope that I will finish it once. (I really want to but dunno when xD)

Also before I will end this article I want to react on one kinda negative commentar i had before on my article.
So hello random guy.
I just wanted to tell you that when you want to act negatively just after reading one of my articles you should read another ones for better knowing on what is happening on this blot or rather dont comment anything.
I have my own reason why I'm writing there in english also once I wrote there that reason so you should better check those informations before you will decide to start act mean.
Also i know my english suck and i mentioned it here as well.
It's not professional blog where I need to be completly serious even in language in which I'm writing to.
So please, don't compare your professional english to my because you know, some people are not avalaible to study in another country especially in America or Great Britain where they can improve their skills in english.
I'm just girl who studied english not that professional as you did.
So try to understand this before you will act again as you acted.

Next time you really should think before you will start to comment :)

Also I want to say thank you to my little cutie who reacted on this negative comment as well >< thank you for your support Tami

Okay sheep this might be all for now so bye.

Unactivity vol. 2 (kill yourself shio plz)

5. august 2016 at 2:40 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
e-eh hello
shio here
so as you could notice i again stopped to be active because holy shit im so stupid sometimes
no ideas though (why have you this blog then?)
well in those days i was literally doing anything so i have no fucking idea why i wasnt at least writing some articles there
Probably because im lazyfuck o: but you all know about it so you shouldnt be mad on me for this >.> (well i think you should kick me for this or something)
Really i dont know as I said last time i will try to be moar active probably after this "information" article thingy i will add something because this is not interesting at all

But what i was doing in those lovable days huh
nothing. I was just sleeping, playing games and was bored all day.
Evryday the same.
I think there were better days in this summer before where i could at least spend time with someone all day
Naow im just sitting there and writing everything what goes in my mind right now.
Well not exactly everything but at least somehting

Ah also im not alone at home anymore because my mother doesnt need to go to the work for 2 weeks so im suffering with her in home rn ._.
She always wakes me up soooo fucking early i cant handle it anymore. (because im going all the time sleep at 5:OO in the morning)
Even now im not tired because i fell asleep probably 3 hours later because i was sooooo bored that i rather went sleep.
Such hard days what else can i say.
Also i was planning to go 3 times out with one of my friend but she is always like "meeeh cant today" ahsdjsf.jsadfjksafôas #complaining af
But yeah I will try to add moar articles when i have a lot of time now I guess.
I will try.

Also dunno if you are interested or not but i started to draw some things so i might add it there later when i will wake up and now i really promise.
I wont dissapoint you this time. ^-^

So well goodnight loves

Kinda unactive (?)

1. august 2016 at 14:55 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Unactive Shio here ~
well it's been time since i post something and I'm sorry for it ><
Kinda had no ideas

Mhhm but what should I say.
I feel fine everything is fine nothing had changed though xD (actually I'm just pretty tired because today i needed to
wake up early and slept just 2 hours )
And why I slept just so little? mhm because I needed to go again to the vet with my guinea pig ;-; (at least he feel better) and well while waiting i made so many pictures so here you have my selfie with cancer filter from snapchat so you can see that I'm really fine and didn't die in those two days :^) (ego up kappa)
Also as you can see I still don't have grey hair because i still didn't buy that color and I'm kinda lazy to go to the city (also its hot af outside ew)
But soon I might force myself to go already buy it x)

And weeeell what I have been doing in those days?

I just was playing my lovable games.
Watching anime with Seb a.k.a RE Zero which gave me a cancer. (That 18th episode grrseems like I will stop watching it because holy shit it made me so fucking mad)
Also started watch ReLife so I might start do reviews of anime or something ~ sounds like it could be fun
We will see ~

Also! *moment for tension* I finally found time to go outside (mhm sounds like I never have time for that) and went go catch pokémons xd
(Might add another article about it soon hehehehheheheh)
Seems like i'm starting to getting ideas or idk ~
who knows.

But also I would love to thank you to all who are still reading my shits on this blog c: ~ we reached moar than 2OO people on this blog and I'm sooo happy about it
Well I have been thinking a lot about if I should just delete this blog or not becuase im lazy fuck to add articles all the time or the most of time i have no ideas.
But meh.
I will still try to be moar active ~ and still continue in this shit
Kinda dont want to dissapoint those sheep who are still reading my articles c: ~

Also we have new month here so you never know might something interesting happen ~ (ALSO JUST THIS MONTH AND WE WILL NEED TO GO TO THE SCHOOL AGAIN ashjisjafksadjfklkfaôdslfsa) why it is going so fast omfg
And im even starting on high school >< *stressing*
Well i hope it will be fine ;-;
I really REALLY hope

But now Im really so fucking tired and dont know what to write >.> So maybe I will try to sleep for a bit and later i might add something ~

Have a nice day luvs.