17. july 2016 at 22:00 | Shio |  Games and my noob adventures.
So many of you might know this rpg game called UNDERTALE.
Well i was playing it kind of a lot before but i never finished it because i fucked it all and my tale was really bad xD like i probably would have bad end.
So i decided to start again and make it to the good end !
Also i would love to share my gaming skills with you sheep! ( well, I hope you will be interesed in it at least a bit)
So let's get started! (again)
I really hope that i wont fuck it again xD (probably i will because you know, I suck)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it hurts so much when i need to press that Reset button and start this everything again. (that playtime thought 348:38)
I'll definitely rage again over this game holy shit xD *preparing for it*
Well we will play again as "Shio" because why not. Best nickname EU. (lies)

So yeah ~ let's try this tale again and see if i can get to the good end. Wish me good luck!
Also why i decided to play this game?
Because i love it. Like really probably the best rpg i ever played
Also i'm going to kill some time of my boredom in this "beautiful" evening of Sunday.
So yeah that's might be all for today.
I hope you had great day sheep.

See you tomorrow!

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1 Sayuri Sayuri | Web | 18. july 2016 at 13:10 | React

*Rozmýšľa, či má komentovať v angličtine alebo slovenčine..*

Ok... I have never played this game before.. If I want to be honest, only game I can play is SIMS. There are a lot of games I like, or I want to play.. but I don´t have so much time. *Yeah.. I spend almost whole day playing Sims* :D

P.S I read your koment on my blog for SB. So.. I accept you. What do you want to have on your icon? :-)

2 Shio Shio | Web | 18. july 2016 at 14:23 | React

[1]: kludne môžeš komentovať aj v slovenčine ~ well, i play sims just when im bored af or when i wait for another game to load xD
Yush a ikonku nechávam na teba c: kľudne môžeš vybrať čokoľvek chceš ~

3 Sayuri Sayuri | Web | 18. july 2016 at 15:02 | React

[2]: hah dobre, tak tie jazyky budem striedať :D
oh.. dobre, skúsim nájsť nejakú peknú ovečku, kedže vidím, že ich tu máš fúru :) do zajtra by mala byť ikonka hotová, tak sa na ňu niekedy ráno kukni a mi daj vedieť, či sa páči :)

4 Shio Shio | Web | 18. july 2016 at 17:07 | React

[3]: okaay :3 porziem sa na ňu neboj a dám ti vedieť ~

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