Thursday or another (shit) telling about my day.

21. july 2016 at 22:36 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Heya luvs
Well as I usually do i will probably just talk about my day to bore you (not on purpose though)
So i was supposed to go out today to catch pokemons and stuff you know buuut i didn't go anywhere because there were some problems and yeah mhm whatever.
Well probably once I will go somewhere to finally catch some of them because really on this place where i live is literally nothing ._. #villageOP

But what i was doing today mhhhm...I woke up soo early because i thought i will go somewhere but meh. Then I tried something to cook because i was alone at home and none cooked food for me so q.q (btw i suck in cooking so fucking hard)
I tried to make pancakes but ..ehm...It didn't even looked like it so i just gave up and made spaghetti instead xD (I wanted pancakes so much ahjadsdsafjkdsajfalsôfsa)

Also ! Yesterday my boyfriend kind of convinced me that he will buy me Cs Go about which I'm really glad that he was that cute and really bought it c:♥ (even though i wanted to buy it by myself <.< but still I'm really happy♥)
Well but what should I say about that when I tried it?
Like really I'm even better in Overwatch holy shit ;-;
But still if he wants to play it with me he needs to learn me that because waow i was so confused today

And well ..as you can see I didn't do that much today as always ~ Still the same.
Waking up, eating, playing , talking with my luv, sleeping and then another day again xD But still It might be not interesting but still I want to share it with you all my dear sheep!

Also today
I found out that my long time favourite character from anime a.k.a Yazawa Nico has birthday so I might kinda wish her happy b-day right (oh no shio but she is not rea-STFU)
Oh also i forgot to say thanks to Reita-chan that she joined our sheep army ~ thankie!
Well this might be all for day dear sheep.
So I hope you will have nice evening

Your Shio

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1 Inu~ Inu~ | Web | 22. july 2016 at 10:45 | React

Uuhmm mohli by sme ísť niekedy loviť pokémonov spolu ^^ napríklad do takých Levíc, tam som ešte nelovila.. :D Aaa s palacinkami by som ti pomohlaa <3 keby môžem :D síce aj ja som ich zatiaľ spravila len s pomocou, ale tak.. spraviť to tekuté cesto nemôže byť také ťažké a piecť ich som zvládla :D Jeej to cs-ko je od boyfrienda zlatéé :3 určite ťa to s radosťou bude učiť hrať a potom budeš za chvíľu profíčka aj v tom :D Aaaa všetci vítame Reitu-chaan aa pekný dník Shiorinka ^^ <3

2 Shio Shio | Web | 23. july 2016 at 0:51 | React

[1]: yush mohli c: ja mám vždy čas tak kľudne mi daj vedieť kedy a ako a dohodneme sa :D , hocikedy mi dojdi spraviť ja sa snimi ešte stále trápim xd ale pochybujem že niekedy sa mi podaria urobiť :D ...fuu pochhybujem že profíčka ale aspoň by som nemusela suckovať až tak moc :dddd ~ veď uvidí sa x) ~

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