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16. july 2016 at 23:16 | Shio |  Something about me.
So yeah im here again.
Gonna annoy you all who are you there.
Well, i kinda decided that i should write something about me so you can know about me at least something
Sooooo ..i really dont know how to start xD
So here you have me in full "beauty" c: well this photo is one of the actual photos so im gonna use it there xD
Well to be honest, i dont have short hair as you can see on this photo but i know that once you will notice that i dont have when I will post there more shits
Well my real name is Tatiana but i would be really happy if you will call me with my nickname "Shiori". Also you can just call me Shio which is short version of it. c:
I'm 15 years old but just 5 months left and i will have birthday hehehehehhehe.
Also im one of those people who watch anime, yaoi (not that much as before), series (actually i started watch them) and read manga and books.
I luv drawing. Actually this year im starting on my new school a.k.a art high school in Levice in Slovakia.
Well i live in village but the nearest city next to it are Levice so yeah let's just say i live in Levice because why not.
Hmm..I love games since i was kiddo.
Btw im playing League of Cancer *cough cough* i meant Legends so if you want to play with me you can just ask me there c: also im playing another cancer called Overwatch and also i play Osu! so if you want we can play together.
Eh i really dont know what to tell about myself. Maybe you should know that im shy quiet gurl who has just few friends whose she loves so much. Even she got boyfriend hehehehhehehhehehe
I love lolis and im lolicon.
(such important information though)
Well and also i can give you moar interesting informations about me..eh..for example ..my favourite meal is salat. (yeah thank you shio for another really important information *clap-clap*)

Okay, i think it was enough. Man, I really suck in writing or telling about myself xD well whatever

See ya later ~

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1 Inu~ Inu~ | Web | 17. july 2016 at 13:48 | React

"Oh and I forgot.. I'm soo cute person! ^^"
Shiorinka tá fotečka je veľmi roztomilá, teším sa z toho že máš blog, nemusela by si ho do týždňa zmazať, ako si písala v predošlom článku, budem ťa tu navštevovať a čítať články, nech troška vidím angličtinu cez prázdniny :D
Hahah ten šalát si zapamätám.. :D <3

2 Shio Shio | Web | 17. july 2016 at 14:25 | React

[1]: awww ďakujem♥ no veď uvidíme či tento blog prežije alebo nie :d ~ Yush, budem rada ak sem budeš navštevovať a čítať tieto nezaujimavé shity xD aspoň si teda precvičíš tú angličtinu :D

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