Saturday evening.

23. july 2016 at 21:13 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Hello sweethearts
Shio here ~
For the start I would love to thanks to everyone who are regularly chceking my blog.
We hit 1O5 people in one week!
Thankie really ~ *happy shio*
(probably the biggest record from all of my blogs which i ever made lel)

Soo what should i say.
I really have no fucking idea :>

Well as everyday I'm just closed in my room, in dark. Because why not? It's comfy af to be honest.
But today I wasn't really there. Because my lovely mom woke me up at 8:OO even though I went sleep at 5:3O so you can imagine how fucking tired I was all day.
I needed to help her with stuff you know cooking (even though i suck in cooking and burned meal )
But still it was tasty I was suprised xD

Ah so after all this burden i finally got permission to go sleep again so I went sleep at 13:OO and woke up at 17:3O i guess. I don't really remember
But all I did after when i woke up again was just chilling and listening music (just one song which made me orgasm all the time when drop hit hnnngnngnggnjgg) I should say thanks to my love for showing me this song right ? (He knows about who I'm talking heheheh)

But weeeeeeeell I'm not planning to do anything (oh how unexpected Shio get your ass already out or idk)
Well actually I might have one plan.
And that is that I will go watch together with my boyfriend anime Re Zero because we actually started with it day ago so we want to continue in it hehehe
If I should be honest spending time with him is the best ~

Okay loves i thinks this might be everything for now. Also I want to say thanks to AWIT•ER who joined our sheep army c: welcome here and thankie for joining

See ya! and have a nice evening sheep ~

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1 Inu~ Inu~ | Web | 23. july 2016 at 21:29 | React

Blahoželám k rekordu! ^^ Je od maminky veľmi zlaté, že ťa tak skoro zobudila, mňa našťastie budila s tým že už bude skoro jedna hodina, že mám vstávať, ale keďže som bola na akčnej oslave, bola som za to rada, že ma nebudila skôr :'D Ale tak ty si to potom tiež poobede dospinkala takže super ^^ Akú pesničku si to počúvala? :3 O tej anime som ešte nepočula, ale určite je zaujímavá, keď to kukáte obaja ^^ and welcome AWITER ^^

2 Shio Shio | Web | 23. july 2016 at 21:37 | React

[1]: aww ďakujem c: ~ well ona ma zobudila len preto lebo zistila že som ešte o 5:3O hore :d tak to bol môj "trest" xD inak normálne ma necháva spať aj do 15:OO :d , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLmqqimN_6M táto pesnička je proste afhdsjfhajjfdkaslôflsaôfkdsaô a určite si pozri Re Zero c: je to fajn anime ~ aj keď som sa moc nechcela do toho púšťať kedže som videla nie moc pekné spojlery ;-; lenže bf ma donútil takže tak xD ale neni to až také zlé c: (zatiaľ)

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