Satan's Day (Monday)

18. july 2016 at 17:58 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
or should i say goodmorning? (I just woke up ...again)
Well what should i say about my day today?
I have no idea because i just woke up, went eat and again, I fell asleep and woke up now ...again xD (mhhhm such hard day of Monday if i needed to go to school i would scold so hard xD #typical Shio #salt over 9OOO confirmed)
Hmm but really what should i do today ;-;
I really have nothing to do since outside is cold af even in my room is cold af because weather in those days is like weather in autumn.
So probably I will all day stay in my bed under blanket or i dont know >.>
or maybe i should go play some games
today i will play Overwach since i didn't play it for too long

Gonna improve my hidden skills (jk jk ...i don't have any *tears*)
Well let's hope that once i will have them because really, I suck in this game sooooo hard
I can just play one hero.
JUST DV.A (she is luv tbh)

But i dont know if i will play it like to the end of this day because none wants to play this with me ;-; and playing alone is boring.
So maybe later i might just go sleep again or go watch anime or draw. Dunno.
It's really hard to pick what to do when you have summer break xD like you can do soooo many things but still you are too lazy to do that so you are just lying in bed and think about meaning of life. At least i do this like all the time
Sad life what else should i say.

Okay sheep, maybe later i might add something. Also i want to say thank you to Sayuri who joined our sheep army as well Thankie! Also thank you for that cute sheep icon
But for now ~

See ya!


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1 Sayuri Sayuri | Web | 18. july 2016 at 18:08 | React

Och takto spať! Ja vždy stávam pred siedmou, pretože cez deň neviem spať ale že vôbec. Avšak to počasie je také, že sa nikomu nič nechce.. ja som celý deň sledovala anime no čo ti poviem. :D Hranie hier je super. A kreslenie ešte lepšie :D

2 Shio Shio | Web | 18. july 2016 at 18:12 | React

[1]: spánok je jednoducho život :D ja vkuse spím či je to cez deň alebo cez noc ale v noci zvyčajne ostávam dlho hore tak to bude tým že cez deň sa zobudím neskoro xD aspoň že to nikomu nevadí no :D , a yup presne tak len je to strašne ťažké si vybrať čo skorej tak preto vždy u mňa ten spánok vyhráva c:

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