Long distance relationship.

26. july 2016 at 0:20 | Shio |  Something about me.
Me again here ~
Well I have been thinking about this topic a lot if I should write about it or nah.
But i decided to tell you about it even though it's kinda a private matter
So let's get started.
So yeah I decided to write about myself again and this time about my relationship with one cute boy from Denmark.
His name is Sebastian but i call him Seb or stupid. (mostly stupid )
He is 18 years old so that means he is 3 years older than me (pedophille)
Well our frist "meet" was kinda strange xD I went play League with one guy there and he asked me if I wanna skype. Well i was like "naah I'm so shy nonononono" but he kinda convinced me and told me that he got also one friend in call so I shouldnt be scared.
So okay i picked up the call and was soo scared I don't know why maybe because it was my first call on skype where I needed to talk in english xd (in that time i sucked in english sooo much so it was really hard for me to talk)
Well as I joined call i could hear two boys talking to each other so I was there like "e-eh h-hello" and then i heard his really cute voice
Actually when i heard it for the first time it was really comfy to listen it. Like literally ( i have kinda fetish on cute voices sooooooo hehehehehe)

So after the game he started to write me like a lot ~
Even though the conversation could end he all the time found some topic to talk about. It was so cute tbh

After some time I learned about him so many interesting informations for example that he is taller than me. LIKE A LOT. He is 179 and in that time i was just 155 but ! i grew up hehehhehe now Im 159 cm tall (you didn't grow up so much Shio cm-SHUT UP)
Well as time passed i kinda noticed something strange.
He suddenly started to write ♥ all the time also has been giving me questions like "do you like more him or me?" and then i realized that he might love me >.>
But well I kinda was blinded with one guy before i met Seb and i still kinda got feelings for him so yeah i really didn't know what to do.
I didn't know if i still love that guy or if I fell in love with Seb.
But once when he started be serious and told me that he love me i stayed shocked. Like really a lot.
So yeah i was like "mhm i need to think about it" and he just got mad on me because he thought that I'm going to reject him so I had really no idea what to do. So i was thinking so hard and tried to confirm my feelings to him right in the moment.
But yeah.
I knew it.
I loved him so much and didn't want to lose him by that I """loved""" someone else who was just hurting me all the time.
So yeah we have been in relationship for a month but he never asked me if he wants to date with me or not ><
So i was sooo confused that once i asked. But he was like
"Well i wanted to ask you that when I will come to meet you for the first time"
and waow that was so cute
But we two knew that it will take really long time till he will get here so we decided to date.
14.O2.2O16 (yep exactly on Valentine's Day )
So yeah here our story in true relationship begins xD
It's been 5 month and some days since that day and I'm soo happy that I can be with him even though we are not living in the same country.
Even though it's hard as fuck to not be together in the most of time we are still there living and planning our visit
And holy shit I really love to plan those things because I always get so excited on it and also I can't wait for it.
Well we were planning that this summer he will come here but there were some problems so he couldn't come ;-; But! He promised that this winter he will definitely come *already excited as fuck* ><

(also we should forget all those arguments we had right no matter what happened in that time i still love him♥)

Well I kinda said a lot didn't I ?
Heh if I could just say how much I really love him there wouldn't be enough space or i even wouldn't finish it because my love to him never ends
(also I hope you are reading this all stupid c:)
Well the only reason why I have this blog or why I write in english is just because he wanted me to so he could understand to everything what i write Actually none of us can speak to each other in mother language so the only way how we talk is that we are using english (oh really? wouldn't expect that Shio nono)

But! I learned him some words in slovak language so I hope he still know them c: (probably not right ? )
And well he learned me some words in danish and i still know them ! muhahahhaha
(i can count to 1O in danish such a skill)

But what else should i say about him?

hmmm ...he is all the time making fun of me ._. and sometimes (all the time) it kinda makes me to feel like i wanna punch him right in the face he...he..hehhehe
Also he is moar stubborn than me xD but still I like that on him ~
mhm.. he is stupid (unexpected)
He loves dogs and hates cats .-.
Also he is popular boy because all the time someone is writing to him (Sebastian got 8 new conversations on facebook) Please don't ask me how i know it ..i just do :d
He got a lot of friends like really a lot ~
He lies a lot and don't keep promises :^) (okay he do but sometimes nah *pfff*)
and well I really love his personallity even though i really can't describe it there to you all
It would be really long trust me >.>

But how can we live like this?
Well we are skyping all the time. Literally all the time
For example like on Sunday. 2O hours cccc:
Like whenever we can we spend time together and you know, once i wrote there "spending time with him is the best" and it sure really is I could just talk with him all day in row and still wouldn't get bored or annoyed (so 24 hours maybe new challange Seb? *wink wink*)
He never annoyed me or made me mad. It's kinda impossible if i should be honest.

Also! We are planning to send to each other gifts (like i already did because he had birthay this summer so )
Well i sent him bracelet with date of start our relationship
Also i have the same but in another color so we are matching c: hehehe
But well my estimate of the size was shit so i kinda ordered him the new one so it might fit now qwq (i really reaaaaaally hope )
Also Seb? You should already tell me what you want to send me cccccccc: *dogs eyes*

(also i know you will kill me for this stupid but look how cute we are (even though i covered my face because #best facial expression hehehhehehehhehhe) #sneakyShip did some secret screenshots :^)♥)
Well this is kinda how it works. Also when we are going to sleep we are calling kinda all night even though we are sleeping we are still in the call >< because why not it's so cute♥

Also i really want to thank you Seb.
For everything what are you doing for me.
For example that you are spending money just for going here.
Also when you bought me that games (sill gonna buy you cake for it though as I promised)
That you are spending time with me all the time♥
And that you play games with me even though i suck af xD
Also when i have depressions and those stuffs you always help me like none ever did and i really appreciate it from you.♥
Also i should thank you for learning me better english even though i still suck in accent cccccccccccccc:
and well I just want to say that I can't really imagine life without you now.
Because I really do love you♥
Well, I know, that sometimes I'm really annoying or sometimes I'm acting cold when i become sad and I'm sorry for it <.< also I'm really so sorry for every arguments which i started with you ><
I know it's hard with me but i believe that you really don't mind it for now >.> I can just promise that I will change in those stuff ;-;
And well you know i suck in writing but I really hope that you read this all

Ah okay sheep I really wrote a long and i guess this is the longest article i have here omfg xD
Well also i want to apologize that I didn't add this earlier but ..I was really thinking so hard if i should write about this or not but then i decided that i will add it hehehe (kinda really took me time)

So yeah this might be end of this article i guess. Also i want to tell everyone who has long distance relationship like us.
Stay strong guys. Once you will definitely meet on 1OO% and everything will be fine even though it's really hard. :) ~

Okay sheep goodnight!

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1 Sayuri Sayuri | Web | 26. july 2016 at 8:53 | React

Musím povedať, že to znie zaujímavo. Hoc nie som zástancom vzťahov na diaľku, je to aspoň pekné. A navyše sa učíš cudzí jazyk :D
Seb je rozkošný! Dúfam, že sa stretnete a bude to dobré. Držím palce :)

2 Shio Shio | Web | 26. july 2016 at 22:48 | React

[1]: ani ja som moc nebola zástancom vzťahov na diaľku od začiatku al epo čase som zmenila názor ^-^
aww ďakujeme ♥

3 Tami Tami | 27. july 2016 at 10:49 | React

Jesus Christ tvoj bf je hot af *//* Hh ale všimla som si, že aj ty si mega zlatunká osôbka c: Napísala si to o ňom moc pekne ^-^ Dúfam, že budete spolu ešte dlho, ste spolu zlatí ♥
Btw. nemáš skype alebo tak? Rada by som spoznala tak sweet dievča ako si ty c:

4 Shio Shio | Web | 27. july 2016 at 14:28 | React

[3]: ja viem hehehehehehe♥ aww tak to vôbec qwq a taktiež ďakujeme ^-^ ~
a yush mám c: "tatiana.benovaa" kludne si ma môžeš pridať a budem rada keď sa spoznáme hehe :3

5 Inu~ Inu~ | Web | 27. july 2016 at 18:54 | React

Jeminee to je tak cute článok <3 Shiorinka veľmi vám to prajem, keď sa už naozaj stretnete budete spolu tak strašne roztomilí :'3 robí mi to radosť, keď vidím, že sú ľudia takto happy :3 Lolko spája ľudí ako vidím, predsa len je to užitočné na niečo ~ zvládnite to dovtedy dokým sa stretnete, prajem veľa šťastia :3

6 Shio Shio | Web | 27. july 2016 at 20:01 | React

[5]: hehe ďakujeme♥

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