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29. july 2016 at 20:16 | Shio |  Something about me.
Hello sheep!
Shio-sama heeere (too weebish)
So yeah guess who decided to write again about herself? (definitely not Shio nononono)
Erm also sorry for that I didn't add anything yesterday >< but #no ideas again

So about what I will write today?

Well it could be something about fashion ? I really don't know.
It's just something like I feel I want to say now lel.

For example people might think about me that I'm weird in civil (trust me they think xD) but just because I'm not wearing what "true gurl" should in this generation
Also my hair are weird xD
(well actually they are too fluffy and curly )
And well ~ actually i wear something what is too much girly a.k.a loli style. As I said once in one article I love lolita style ~ that's why I'm dressing like that sometimes (all the time )
But it's funny because when I'm going out I'm wearing those loli dresses or skirts, long socks ermm and so many another stuff but when I'm home I'm just wearing band shirts or shirts from serials . (true fan yay)
Also well maybe 2-3 years ago I was just wearing band shirts everywhere 24/7 because why not? I was in love with them >< When i say bands I mean "Bring me the horizon, Hollywood Undead, Asking Alexandria, ...etc."
Also I have shirts from serials "Breaking Bad aaand Walkind Dead" ~
Well in that time I was just wearing too boyish stuff.
I have lot of shirts, pants which are for boys.
Even that band shirts are for boys xD
But most of the clothes for boys I stopped to wear. Even though they are still pretty and still applicable ~

But what I'm wearing now ?

As I said lolita clothes and bands shirt ~
It seems like when I'm outside I'm too girly and when I'm home I'm just meh .. xD dont know how to describe it o:

But even though I like girly clothes I don't like to wear them xD I might like lolita stuff but meeeh sometmes it feel weird to wear them ;-; maybe because i get used to wear so long and big stuff (I mean that shirts)

Also that's why I call myself "girly" Shio because.
I wear those stuff but I still love to be in clothes which are big af on me .
And in summer I can't wear those lolita stuff because it's tooo hot in it xD
So yeah I'm in my element hehehehhehe
Now I'm just wearing shorts and my big shirts ~
Because its not that hot in it actually its pretty comfy hehehe

Annnd this summer im planning to order moar band shirts because holy shit I fell in love in them again qwq

Okay sheep this migh be everything for now. Probably this topic wasnt interesting at all but well i tried >.>
Also I didn't know what to do now because Seb went go watch movie with his family so im here alone ;-; pf pf pf
so I decided write about something while I'm waiting on him
Well we are kinda "arguing" all the time about who is moar stupid and he said to me that I should ask my "fans" on my blog what they think so I'm asking you sheep.

Who is more stupid ?

Me or Seb?

I would really appreciate if you will answer me on this ~ It would really help me

See ya!

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1 Sayuri Sayuri | Web | 30. july 2016 at 15:50 | React

Hah ten obrázok ma neviem prečo pobavil :D
Ja osobne moc "dievčenských" vecičiek nenosím. Teda.. som dievča, čo má rado čiernu, tenisky, legíny a nenosí žiadne lodičky, sukničky a neviem čo :D
Ale tričko s motívom seriálu som ešte nemala :D
Hah takéto cute hádky sa mi páčia :D Ale prepáč, neviem ti na tú dôležitú otázku odpovedať :D

2 Shio Shio | Web | 5. august 2016 at 21:59 | React

[1]: hehe :D ako ani ja moc nie >< iba ako niekedy lebo sukničky tie ja môžem xD ~
awh no škoda ;-;

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