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16. july 2016 at 22:13 | Shio
Hello guysimage
So as the start i kind of should introduce my new shitty blog which i made. c:
Like, i had a lot of blogs before but all the time I stopped because who ever cares about my articles right? xD
So im giving maybe a week and i will probably delete it again so have fun at least this week of reading my non-interesting stuff. c:
Well, I might post there some articles about my life maybe some tutorials so i can help you with something (well i dont think i will do that because im lazy fuck and i never do like "DIY" and stuff but, effort was)
So actually we all will see what i will post there. Let's just say that for now i have literally no idea what i will hehehehhehe.

Maybe is kinda weird that im writing in english even though im from Slovakia,
i just want to c: also i might have someone who wants read this shit regulary and don't understand slovak lovely language. (at least i hope hehhe)
Well, aslo im so sorry for my shit english i suck in it but, im still learning moar!

So yeah , i will be glad if someone will visit this "lovable" blog c:
If someone will wants to make friendship contract a.k.a SB i will just make another article so you can registrate there.

With love, Your Shio.

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