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23. july 2016 at 2:23 | Shio |  Something about me.
Heeeeeeya ~
Shio here!
I'm sorry that i didn't post anything yesterday
But i went out with friend and when i came home i just instantly died xD
I was sooo tired and exhausted and i don't even know why :c (probably because you are never going outside you lil stupid lazyfuck)

As time passed i needed to figure out what to write as next and really I think I'm just literally losing ideas xD
(Which is kinda sad though)
But i might been kinda thinking about to write something about me as before because ..why not? I'm such interesting person right ? :^) (no you aren't.)

So another "interesting" fact is that I really reaaally love cats
Yep, Im another one of those cat lover people xD
I loved cats since kid that means i already had a lot cats but still from all of them I love the most my actual cat called "Číča" (okay i know its kinda stupid name, but please, i was on drugs) meh lies i was just 9 y.o. when i found her and gave her name xD So yeah I have my love for 6 years now and she never left me *happy shio*
Well all my cats i had before all the time left me because...i don't even know ;-; (probably they didn't like me heh)

But i also want to introduce you my lovely cat. So here she is
Isn't she cute?
Well i found this luv when she was sooo little and sooo tiny in our garden probably from some cat which gave her birth there. (oh really?) And well there were two kittens. My luv and grey kitten. I wanted took that grey one but she after day dissapeared so i take my ginger love(which Im not regreding at all that i took her!)

She was so tiny and still kitty so i needed to take really big care about her. I learned her eat. I woke up every morning 2 hours before school so i could go check on her, give her food and play with her for a bit.
She was sooooo cute ~ i just couldnt handle that cuteness really ><
I was keeping her in the "little house" which we have in front ou our house so she couldn't get lost or hurt. But when she grew up i kept her outside in random places which i made.
So still nothing could happen to her.
Well now my ginger luv is adult cat which still never stopped loved me after the really big care i gave to her (At least i hope)

All the time when i just get home from school she is just waiting on me in front of the door ~ So when i came i just sit on the stairs and cuddle with her for a while
She also gave birth to so many kittens but any of them never stayed in my house because they always get lost or something happened to them ...
Well next time I really should take big care of them exactly as i cared about my cat.

But well, I think this should be really enough because holy shit i wrote a lot o.o
To be honest this article wouldn't never end if i could really say how much i love my cat

So yeah, Have nice Saturday sheep! And goodnight ~


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1 Lady de Vampire Victoria Lady de Vampire Victoria | Web | 23. july 2016 at 2:55 | React

pěkný blog

2 Shio Shio | Web | 23. july 2016 at 3:39 | React

[1]: ďakujem c:

3 Inu~ Inu~ | Web | 23. july 2016 at 15:03 | React

Awww to je tak rozkošný článok :'3 Číča je vážne cute a od teba je veľmi zlaté to, že sa o ňu staráš už od mačiatka ^^ Peknú sobotu aj tebe ^////^

4 Sayuri Sayuri | Web | 23. july 2016 at 15:26 | React

Jééj skvelý článok, a mačička je nádherná. Aj ked musím priznať, že ja nemám nejako extra rada mačky :D som skôr na psy no :D

5 AWIT•ER AWIT•ER | Web | 23. july 2016 at 20:05 | React

Eh, promiň, že reaguju tak pozdě, ale nějak jsem si tvého komentáře vůbec nevšimla.. :D Nicméně se mi tvůj blog líbí^^ máš vážně roztomilou kočku :>
Zapisuju si tě~

6 Shio Shio | Web | 26. july 2016 at 1:18 | React

[3]: hehe asi by som mala poďakovať aj za ňu huh c:

[4]:aww ďakujem ^-^ well ja viacej uprednostňujem mačky ;w;

[5]: ďakujem taktiež som si ťa už zapísala dáávno :>

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