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20. july 2016 at 21:36 | Shio |  Something about me.
Heya cupcakes
Shio here!
So I might kinda decided that i could tell you again something about me (prepare that it won't be interesting at all)

As the biggest fan of music i also found my own idol too.
Her name is Melanie Martinez.
And i deciced to tell you my dear sheep about her something so enjoy!

She is 21 years old american singer also lyricist.
She was in american singing show called "The Voice"
In April 22, 2014 she released her first song "Dollhouse"
In August 14, 2015 she released an album named "Crybaby" with a theme song "Pity Party"
Also her song called "Carousel" has appeared in the american television series American Horror Story.
My opinion about Melanie: Well to be honest, I never had singer idol or something. Also i used to be rock type who all the time listened just rock but now i kinda moved from it on another genres (but i still listen rock as well because rock = laifu). Well my friend once sent me one song from her, probably Dollhouse I dont remember. But for the first time I think i didnt like it. (obviously I was stupid af )
But when i listened it second time i started to like it so i tried to look for moar songs and here Im now.
Addicted on this lil cutie♥
I heard her songs sooo many times and I still like them so much ~ also im waiting for moar songs from her ofc ofc
Well not just her music also I love her style ;-; like really.
I love dolly stuff to be completly honest. (that's why my closet is full of those stuff like clothes you know)
Bad sadly that i dont look like doll so on me that clothes looks awful mhm whatever ~ (still wearing them though)

Well i dont know what else to say q.q I just love her.

See ya!

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1 Sayuri Sayuri | Web | 21. july 2016 at 9:00 | React

Pekný článok :) Ja ked tak premýšľa, tak žiadneho idola nemám. A dokonca ani túto slečnu nepoznám. Ale je pekné, že máš niekoho takto rada :)

2 Lady de Vampire Victoria Lady de Vampire Victoria | Web | 21. july 2016 at 17:02 | React


3 Inu~ Inu~ | Web | 21. july 2016 at 21:51 | React

V prvom rade... Shiorinka, ty ako bábika vypadáš! :3 keď máš tie svoje sukničky a cute veci tak úplne <3 Ja ani neviem ako som sa ku Melanie dostala, ale hneď sa mi zapáčil taktiež ten jej štýl hudby, ona ako osoba, proste aww <3 ja idoly takéto asi ani nemám, ale táto osôbka si fakt zaslúži byť niečím idolom, je úžasná :3 Netušila som, že bola v nejakej hentakej súťaži o.o rada som sa o nej dozvedela niečo nové ^^

4 Renyu Renyu | Email | Web | 21. july 2016 at 22:54 | React

Omg Melanie <33 já ji mám strašlivě ráda, ten styl hudby, její písničky můžu poslouchat pořád a její styl prostě *--*

5 Shio Shio | Web | 26. july 2016 at 1:17 | React

[1]: určite ti raz prajem nájsť nejakého idola a melanie ti určite odporúčam ! ^-^
[2]: ďakujem :)

[3]: naah to vôôbec neni pravda :D ale aj tak ďakujem c: yush melanie je luv proste♥

[4]: nápodobne ! :3 melanie = life

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