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17. july 2016 at 18:20 | Shio |  Art & stuff
Heya sweethearts
Guess who decided to annoy you again?
(definitely not me nonono)
So what about if we talked about some art?
Well as you might read before i love drawing ~
Sadly i never finish what i start draw ..he..he.heheh
But once i will finish it all! I promise!
At least I want to show you what i started lately so ~ take a look ~
Well, It's not much. Also any of it isn't finished ._. why? Because I'm lazy fuck.
So to be more precise, on that first picture is D.VA (probably those ones who play overwatch could recognize it),
another gurl is random "princess" i found xd ,
and the last one is random elf i found ( i love draw elfs soooo much) .
Well , let's hope that once i will finish it all ~ (i don't think that i will but effort was)
Also I would love to if you will tell me what you think about it. I really would appreciate any of your opinion. Even though I know that i draw like shit
Maybe in the future I might post moar of my drawings or paintings ~
Just because i want to share it with you all sheep♥

See ya later lovelies.

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