July 2016

"Girly" Shio

29. july 2016 at 20:16 | Shio |  Something about me.
Hello sheep!
Shio-sama heeere (too weebish)
So yeah guess who decided to write again about herself? (definitely not Shio nononono)
Erm also sorry for that I didn't add anything yesterday >< but #no ideas again

So about what I will write today?

Well it could be something about fashion ? I really don't know.
It's just something like I feel I want to say now lel.

For example people might think about me that I'm weird in civil (trust me they think xD) but just because I'm not wearing what "true gurl" should in this generation
Also my hair are weird xD
(well actually they are too fluffy and curly )
And well ~ actually i wear something what is too much girly a.k.a loli style. As I said once in one article I love lolita style ~ that's why I'm dressing like that sometimes (all the time )
But it's funny because when I'm going out I'm wearing those loli dresses or skirts, long socks ermm and so many another stuff but when I'm home I'm just wearing band shirts or shirts from serials . (true fan yay)
Also well maybe 2-3 years ago I was just wearing band shirts everywhere 24/7 because why not? I was in love with them >< When i say bands I mean "Bring me the horizon, Hollywood Undead, Asking Alexandria, ...etc."
Also I have shirts from serials "Breaking Bad aaand Walkind Dead" ~
Well in that time I was just wearing too boyish stuff.
I have lot of shirts, pants which are for boys.
Even that band shirts are for boys xD
But most of the clothes for boys I stopped to wear. Even though they are still pretty and still applicable ~

But what I'm wearing now ?

As I said lolita clothes and bands shirt ~
It seems like when I'm outside I'm too girly and when I'm home I'm just meh .. xD dont know how to describe it o:

But even though I like girly clothes I don't like to wear them xD I might like lolita stuff but meeeh sometmes it feel weird to wear them ;-; maybe because i get used to wear so long and big stuff (I mean that shirts)

Also that's why I call myself "girly" Shio because.
I wear those stuff but I still love to be in clothes which are big af on me .
And in summer I can't wear those lolita stuff because it's tooo hot in it xD
So yeah I'm in my element hehehehhehe
Now I'm just wearing shorts and my big shirts ~
Because its not that hot in it actually its pretty comfy hehehe

Annnd this summer im planning to order moar band shirts because holy shit I fell in love in them again qwq

Okay sheep this migh be everything for now. Probably this topic wasnt interesting at all but well i tried >.>
Also I didn't know what to do now because Seb went go watch movie with his family so im here alone ;-; pf pf pf
so I decided write about something while I'm waiting on him
Well we are kinda "arguing" all the time about who is moar stupid and he said to me that I should ask my "fans" on my blog what they think so I'm asking you sheep.

Who is more stupid ?

Me or Seb?

I would really appreciate if you will answer me on this ~ It would really help me

See ya!

Day of nothing.

27. july 2016 at 21:06 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Shio heeere
Well i will be honest right there.
I have no idea about what should i write.
Also in my room is hot as fuck and it's hard to think about what I should write so it probably will be shit because im not even thinking what im writing hehe (definitely it will be)
And I'm bored.
So yeah probably another boring writing about my day incoming.
Mhm well, I slept all day.
That's all so goodby-SHIO CMON
I'm really so sorry sheep I don't really know about what should i write because you know all day what I did was literally nothing ;-; and in those days as always i don't have plans at all *sniff sniff*

But well yesterday as I said i went to get my hair dye.
Buuuut we kinda didn't buy right things for it so we kinda just wasted money and didn't do anything
Also the funniest thing was when we were trying to find one grey color in 7 shops in two cities. AND WE DIDN'T FIND IT ALL BECAUSE ALL SHOPS ALREADY SOLD IT
And in one shop one woman told us that the color on what we are looking already sold 1O minutes ago before us....
Ah well so we decided that we will try it again next week when they will get that color because in one shop they told us that they already ordered it soo.
We will see ~
But I really hope that this time it will work >< or else i will kill myself. (not even joking)
Well at least I spend day with my good friend c: ~ (one positive thing)

And what I was doing today?

Mhhm well because yesterday I slept in night just 3 hours and also went sleep at 5:3O in the morning i literally slept all day xD I woke up at 13:something I guess and then just talked for a while with Seb and theeeen just fell asleep again
And now I'm here.
Writing, listening music and stuff hehehe.
Also planning to go play something or make curles again because i fucked up my hair while I was sleeping xD
or I really don't know.
I'm just really bored sheep here

Well today I will try to figure out what to write about (please ideas come to my brain) and then next time I might write about something moar interesting c:

Have a nice evening sheep!

Stressing af.

26. july 2016 at 13:30 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
it's me ~
long time no see huh?

Well, today I decided to go to try dye my hair again. Because I still want grey hair
But erm..well..
My hair are kinda fucked up and I have really bad quality of my hair (like it was worse before i cure them) but still..

I once went to visit 4 hairdressers in one day and ask them if they can try to make it but 3 of them rejected and just 1 accepted. waow ._. Like they rejected because i really have shit hair and they are scared that they will burn my hair with bleach or something
But well i kinda got mad and just said "mhm gonna risk it" and went to that one hairdresser who accepted it.
and voilà ~ she didn't burn my hair with bleach at all but instead of grey hair i got brown hair with stains of blonde and dark grey ..waow
Thank you very much.
So she said "ah never mind come there again in august and we will try it again"
But heeelll no.
Never again. Not after that what she did ;-;
So I kinda decided that I should ask my friends if they can do something with it.
And yeah i have one friend who have really a lot of experience with hair and hair dye and those stuffs.
But still there might be chance that i will completly fuck my hair (or she might fuck it too you never know)
and i won't have any because told you, i have really shit hair after making them fluffy (i hope you know what i mean)
And now ..I literally don't know if i should try it or not ;-;and today i need to go to the city buy stuff for it with her. But really I don't know..Because I'm scared that something will happen and then I won't get my hair back you know ><
That's why I'm stressing af right now.

Like I waited a lot for it after first hair dye in hairdresser.
So it shouldn't happen anything I guess.
But still I'm so scared ><
Well what would you recommend me?
Should I try it or not?

Your stressing sheep.

Long distance relationship.

26. july 2016 at 0:20 | Shio |  Something about me.
Me again here ~
Well I have been thinking about this topic a lot if I should write about it or nah.
But i decided to tell you about it even though it's kinda a private matter
So let's get started.
So yeah I decided to write about myself again and this time about my relationship with one cute boy from Denmark.
His name is Sebastian but i call him Seb or stupid. (mostly stupid )
He is 18 years old so that means he is 3 years older than me (pedophille)
Well our frist "meet" was kinda strange xD I went play League with one guy there and he asked me if I wanna skype. Well i was like "naah I'm so shy nonononono" but he kinda convinced me and told me that he got also one friend in call so I shouldnt be scared.
So okay i picked up the call and was soo scared I don't know why maybe because it was my first call on skype where I needed to talk in english xd (in that time i sucked in english sooo much so it was really hard for me to talk)
Well as I joined call i could hear two boys talking to each other so I was there like "e-eh h-hello" and then i heard his really cute voice
Actually when i heard it for the first time it was really comfy to listen it. Like literally ( i have kinda fetish on cute voices sooooooo hehehehehe)

So after the game he started to write me like a lot ~
Even though the conversation could end he all the time found some topic to talk about. It was so cute tbh

After some time I learned about him so many interesting informations for example that he is taller than me. LIKE A LOT. He is 179 and in that time i was just 155 but ! i grew up hehehhehe now Im 159 cm tall (you didn't grow up so much Shio cm-SHUT UP)
Well as time passed i kinda noticed something strange.
He suddenly started to write ♥ all the time also has been giving me questions like "do you like more him or me?" and then i realized that he might love me >.>
But well I kinda was blinded with one guy before i met Seb and i still kinda got feelings for him so yeah i really didn't know what to do.
I didn't know if i still love that guy or if I fell in love with Seb.
But once when he started be serious and told me that he love me i stayed shocked. Like really a lot.
So yeah i was like "mhm i need to think about it" and he just got mad on me because he thought that I'm going to reject him so I had really no idea what to do. So i was thinking so hard and tried to confirm my feelings to him right in the moment.
But yeah.
I knew it.
I loved him so much and didn't want to lose him by that I """loved""" someone else who was just hurting me all the time.
So yeah we have been in relationship for a month but he never asked me if he wants to date with me or not ><
So i was sooo confused that once i asked. But he was like
"Well i wanted to ask you that when I will come to meet you for the first time"
and waow that was so cute
But we two knew that it will take really long time till he will get here so we decided to date.
14.O2.2O16 (yep exactly on Valentine's Day )
So yeah here our story in true relationship begins xD
It's been 5 month and some days since that day and I'm soo happy that I can be with him even though we are not living in the same country.
Even though it's hard as fuck to not be together in the most of time we are still there living and planning our visit
And holy shit I really love to plan those things because I always get so excited on it and also I can't wait for it.
Well we were planning that this summer he will come here but there were some problems so he couldn't come ;-; But! He promised that this winter he will definitely come *already excited as fuck* ><

(also we should forget all those arguments we had right no matter what happened in that time i still love him♥)

Well I kinda said a lot didn't I ?
Heh if I could just say how much I really love him there wouldn't be enough space or i even wouldn't finish it because my love to him never ends
(also I hope you are reading this all stupid c:)
Well the only reason why I have this blog or why I write in english is just because he wanted me to so he could understand to everything what i write Actually none of us can speak to each other in mother language so the only way how we talk is that we are using english (oh really? wouldn't expect that Shio nono)

But! I learned him some words in slovak language so I hope he still know them c: (probably not right ? )
And well he learned me some words in danish and i still know them ! muhahahhaha
(i can count to 1O in danish such a skill)

But what else should i say about him?

hmmm ...he is all the time making fun of me ._. and sometimes (all the time) it kinda makes me to feel like i wanna punch him right in the face he...he..hehhehe
Also he is moar stubborn than me xD but still I like that on him ~
mhm.. he is stupid (unexpected)
He loves dogs and hates cats .-.
Also he is popular boy because all the time someone is writing to him (Sebastian got 8 new conversations on facebook) Please don't ask me how i know it ..i just do :d
He got a lot of friends like really a lot ~
He lies a lot and don't keep promises :^) (okay he do but sometimes nah *pfff*)
and well I really love his personallity even though i really can't describe it there to you all
It would be really long trust me >.>

But how can we live like this?
Well we are skyping all the time. Literally all the time
For example like on Sunday. 2O hours cccc:
Like whenever we can we spend time together and you know, once i wrote there "spending time with him is the best" and it sure really is I could just talk with him all day in row and still wouldn't get bored or annoyed (so 24 hours maybe new challange Seb? *wink wink*)
He never annoyed me or made me mad. It's kinda impossible if i should be honest.

Also! We are planning to send to each other gifts (like i already did because he had birthay this summer so )
Well i sent him bracelet with date of start our relationship
Also i have the same but in another color so we are matching c: hehehe
But well my estimate of the size was shit so i kinda ordered him the new one so it might fit now qwq (i really reaaaaaally hope )
Also Seb? You should already tell me what you want to send me cccccccc: *dogs eyes*

(also i know you will kill me for this stupid but look how cute we are (even though i covered my face because #best facial expression hehehhehehehhehhe) #sneakyShip did some secret screenshots :^)♥)
Well this is kinda how it works. Also when we are going to sleep we are calling kinda all night even though we are sleeping we are still in the call >< because why not it's so cute♥

Also i really want to thank you Seb.
For everything what are you doing for me.
For example that you are spending money just for going here.
Also when you bought me that games (sill gonna buy you cake for it though as I promised)
That you are spending time with me all the time♥
And that you play games with me even though i suck af xD
Also when i have depressions and those stuffs you always help me like none ever did and i really appreciate it from you.♥
Also i should thank you for learning me better english even though i still suck in accent cccccccccccccc:
and well I just want to say that I can't really imagine life without you now.
Because I really do love you♥
Well, I know, that sometimes I'm really annoying or sometimes I'm acting cold when i become sad and I'm sorry for it <.< also I'm really so sorry for every arguments which i started with you ><
I know it's hard with me but i believe that you really don't mind it for now >.> I can just promise that I will change in those stuff ;-;
And well you know i suck in writing but I really hope that you read this all

Ah okay sheep I really wrote a long and i guess this is the longest article i have here omfg xD
Well also i want to apologize that I didn't add this earlier but ..I was really thinking so hard if i should write about this or not but then i decided that i will add it hehehe (kinda really took me time)

So yeah this might be end of this article i guess. Also i want to tell everyone who has long distance relationship like us.
Stay strong guys. Once you will definitely meet on 1OO% and everything will be fine even though it's really hard. :) ~

Okay sheep goodnight!

Op Monday again

25. july 2016 at 17:40 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Heya beauties
Shio hereee
So well as you could notice I didn't post anything yesterday and I'm so sorry ><
There is simple reason why I didn't and i will tell you everything what happened yesterday and today as well (ofc i hope you want to hear that)

Soooo yesterday I didn't have time for writing there something because all day I spent with my boyfriend
so ehm, I hope that you don't mind that I didn't add anything
Well because my boyfriend doesn't live in same country as me it's kinda difficult to spend times together but we still do.
Even though it's via skype it's still feels like we are together right?
So well this time we were calling together for 2O hours xD (yeah 2O hours)
how ? or what we were doing?
Well to be honest we were watching anime together called Re Zero and we watched all 17 added episodes there (fucked mode was activated)
also after it we watch Watamote together probably 6 episodes i guess (actually i saw this anime but he doesn't so I decided to rewatch it so I could watch it with him c:)
After this all we went to the bed where my lovely Seb decided to go catch pikachu at 4:OO in the morning because why not right ? xD (stupid)

Well that was yesterday but today I just woke up and still was in call with luv hehehehhehehhee
But after that he wrote me that he got already the gift i sent him on Monday so I was happy af

And well in day i just went to the city with my guinea pig to the vet because he got some weird stains on his skin and I didn't know what it is >.>
But he got injection also she gave me some thingy with which i need to cure that but holy shit that woman was so mean on me when i came there ._. I couldn't hold him properly when she was trying to give him injection and she started to be mad on me that it's my animal and i should hold him properly blah blah ..

Well but now I'm finally at home SCARED AF because ehm ...it might be kinda embarassing but...
I hate when it's thundering outside
like really it scares me >< (not even joking)

Sooo i guess this might be enough for now because really i wrote a lot o.o
Also I might add something moar interesting later because I bet you really don't like when I write just about my days xD

See ya luvs

Saturday evening.

23. july 2016 at 21:13 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Hello sweethearts
Shio here ~
For the start I would love to thanks to everyone who are regularly chceking my blog.
We hit 1O5 people in one week!
Thankie really ~ *happy shio*
(probably the biggest record from all of my blogs which i ever made lel)

Soo what should i say.
I really have no fucking idea :>

Well as everyday I'm just closed in my room, in dark. Because why not? It's comfy af to be honest.
But today I wasn't really there. Because my lovely mom woke me up at 8:OO even though I went sleep at 5:3O so you can imagine how fucking tired I was all day.
I needed to help her with stuff you know cooking (even though i suck in cooking and burned meal )
But still it was tasty I was suprised xD

Ah so after all this burden i finally got permission to go sleep again so I went sleep at 13:OO and woke up at 17:3O i guess. I don't really remember
But all I did after when i woke up again was just chilling and listening music (just one song which made me orgasm all the time when drop hit hnnngnngnggnjgg) I should say thanks to my love for showing me this song right ? (He knows about who I'm talking heheheh)

But weeeeeeeell I'm not planning to do anything (oh how unexpected Shio get your ass already out or idk)
Well actually I might have one plan.
And that is that I will go watch together with my boyfriend anime Re Zero because we actually started with it day ago so we want to continue in it hehehe
If I should be honest spending time with him is the best ~

Okay loves i thinks this might be everything for now. Also I want to say thanks to AWIT•ER who joined our sheep army c: welcome here and thankie for joining

See ya! and have a nice evening sheep ~

Cats, cats and Cats♥

23. july 2016 at 2:23 | Shio |  Something about me.
Heeeeeeya ~
Shio here!
I'm sorry that i didn't post anything yesterday
But i went out with friend and when i came home i just instantly died xD
I was sooo tired and exhausted and i don't even know why :c (probably because you are never going outside you lil stupid lazyfuck)

As time passed i needed to figure out what to write as next and really I think I'm just literally losing ideas xD
(Which is kinda sad though)
But i might been kinda thinking about to write something about me as before because ..why not? I'm such interesting person right ? :^) (no you aren't.)

So another "interesting" fact is that I really reaaally love cats
Yep, Im another one of those cat lover people xD
I loved cats since kid that means i already had a lot cats but still from all of them I love the most my actual cat called "Číča" (okay i know its kinda stupid name, but please, i was on drugs) meh lies i was just 9 y.o. when i found her and gave her name xD So yeah I have my love for 6 years now and she never left me *happy shio*
Well all my cats i had before all the time left me because...i don't even know ;-; (probably they didn't like me heh)

But i also want to introduce you my lovely cat. So here she is
Isn't she cute?
Well i found this luv when she was sooo little and sooo tiny in our garden probably from some cat which gave her birth there. (oh really?) And well there were two kittens. My luv and grey kitten. I wanted took that grey one but she after day dissapeared so i take my ginger love(which Im not regreding at all that i took her!)

She was so tiny and still kitty so i needed to take really big care about her. I learned her eat. I woke up every morning 2 hours before school so i could go check on her, give her food and play with her for a bit.
She was sooooo cute ~ i just couldnt handle that cuteness really ><
I was keeping her in the "little house" which we have in front ou our house so she couldn't get lost or hurt. But when she grew up i kept her outside in random places which i made.
So still nothing could happen to her.
Well now my ginger luv is adult cat which still never stopped loved me after the really big care i gave to her (At least i hope)

All the time when i just get home from school she is just waiting on me in front of the door ~ So when i came i just sit on the stairs and cuddle with her for a while
She also gave birth to so many kittens but any of them never stayed in my house because they always get lost or something happened to them ...
Well next time I really should take big care of them exactly as i cared about my cat.

But well, I think this should be really enough because holy shit i wrote a lot o.o
To be honest this article wouldn't never end if i could really say how much i love my cat

So yeah, Have nice Saturday sheep! And goodnight ~

Thursday or another (shit) telling about my day.

21. july 2016 at 22:36 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Heya luvs
Well as I usually do i will probably just talk about my day to bore you (not on purpose though)
So i was supposed to go out today to catch pokemons and stuff you know buuut i didn't go anywhere because there were some problems and yeah mhm whatever.
Well probably once I will go somewhere to finally catch some of them because really on this place where i live is literally nothing ._. #villageOP

But what i was doing today mhhhm...I woke up soo early because i thought i will go somewhere but meh. Then I tried something to cook because i was alone at home and none cooked food for me so q.q (btw i suck in cooking so fucking hard)
I tried to make pancakes but ..ehm...It didn't even looked like it so i just gave up and made spaghetti instead xD (I wanted pancakes so much ahjadsdsafjkdsajfalsôfsa)

Also ! Yesterday my boyfriend kind of convinced me that he will buy me Cs Go about which I'm really glad that he was that cute and really bought it c:♥ (even though i wanted to buy it by myself <.< but still I'm really happy♥)
Well but what should I say about that when I tried it?
Like really I'm even better in Overwatch holy shit ;-;
But still if he wants to play it with me he needs to learn me that because waow i was so confused today

And well ..as you can see I didn't do that much today as always ~ Still the same.
Waking up, eating, playing , talking with my luv, sleeping and then another day again xD But still It might be not interesting but still I want to share it with you all my dear sheep!

Also today
I found out that my long time favourite character from anime a.k.a Yazawa Nico has birthday so I might kinda wish her happy b-day right (oh no shio but she is not rea-STFU)
Oh also i forgot to say thanks to Reita-chan that she joined our sheep army ~ thankie!
Well this might be all for day dear sheep.
So I hope you will have nice evening

Your Shio

Biggest Idol.

20. july 2016 at 21:36 | Shio |  Something about me.
Heya cupcakes
Shio here!
So I might kinda decided that i could tell you again something about me (prepare that it won't be interesting at all)

As the biggest fan of music i also found my own idol too.
Her name is Melanie Martinez.
And i deciced to tell you my dear sheep about her something so enjoy!

She is 21 years old american singer also lyricist.
She was in american singing show called "The Voice"
In April 22, 2014 she released her first song "Dollhouse"
In August 14, 2015 she released an album named "Crybaby" with a theme song "Pity Party"
Also her song called "Carousel" has appeared in the american television series American Horror Story.
My opinion about Melanie: Well to be honest, I never had singer idol or something. Also i used to be rock type who all the time listened just rock but now i kinda moved from it on another genres (but i still listen rock as well because rock = laifu). Well my friend once sent me one song from her, probably Dollhouse I dont remember. But for the first time I think i didnt like it. (obviously I was stupid af )
But when i listened it second time i started to like it so i tried to look for moar songs and here Im now.
Addicted on this lil cutie♥
I heard her songs sooo many times and I still like them so much ~ also im waiting for moar songs from her ofc ofc
Well not just her music also I love her style ;-; like really.
I love dolly stuff to be completly honest. (that's why my closet is full of those stuff like clothes you know)
Bad sadly that i dont look like doll so on me that clothes looks awful mhm whatever ~ (still wearing them though)

Well i dont know what else to say q.q I just love her.

See ya!

Another hard Day of Shio

20. july 2016 at 14:51 | Shio |  Boring Crap.
Tired Shio here
Well firstly i should apologize about that i didnt post anything yesterday but i kind of didn't have ideas .-.
Soo what should i say now
Well i just woke up (not now maybe hour ago) went for something to eat and now im here trying to figure out what to write.
Mhm to be honest i dont have any plans for today as well (have i ever had plans?)
So I think that i will probably again play games as last time.
But eh last time i said i will go play Overwatch but ...i didn't xD instead of that i went play League of Cancer ( i mean Legends) because i suck in Overwatch Like im not saying that i dont suck in League i suck there as well but not that much as in Overwatch xd Also in that day some people invited me to go play with them so why not ?
And see? none invited me to go play Overwatch *sniff sniff*

Well but tomorrow might be kinda interesting ~
Lazyfuck a.k.a Shio finally decided to go out to the city so I think there will be much to say not like today where Im not doing anything.
(tomorrow i will go hunt pokemons hehhehehehehehehe finally somewhere where will be soooo many of them *excited*)

Dunno if you are interested in it or not but i was kinda thinking about new cosplay hehhehe (well i hope i said once that im cosfailer)
Okay this was kinda out of topic but whatever still wanted to say it though xD

Also not like last time but this time I really promise that today I will add some moar stuff because I might kinda planning something *ideas finally found in brain*

So for now sheep, Have a nice day!